initial offering

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a corporation's first offer to sell stock to the public

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08 per unit of securities for a period beginning six months and one day from the date the initial offering closes, and ending ten months from the date the initial offering closes.
Concurrently, IEnova has priced its initial public offering of 98,623,879 shares of common stock at the same initial offering price.
Google reportedly prefers selling its initial offering through Wall Street and then holding an online auction for the secondary offering.
The recent wave of Internet IPOs has not satiated the market's pent-up demand for strong initial offerings, Taulli said.
10 per share in cash, less any withholding taxes and without interest, which is the same amount per share that was offered and paid to Ramtron stockholders who tendered into the initial offering period.
During the subsequent offering period (as extended), any shares validly tendered (which were not previously accepted for payment in the initial offering period or the subsequent offering period) will be accepted immediately for payment, and tendering stockholders will thereafter promptly be paid $1.
50 per share, less any required withholding taxes, in cash and without interest, which is the same amount per share that was offered and paid in the initial offering period.
The company launched its initial offering at 13-1/4 in July and closed at $10 a share Wednesday, down -1/4.
00% convertible senior notes due 2026 by the initial purchasers in conjunction with the initial offering of $60 million of the convertible senior notes.
the "Company") today announced that the initial offering period of its tender offer to purchase shares of its common stock and preferred stock held by certain of its holders expired today at 12:01 a.
Including those ANS shares tendered in the initial offering period, ANS shareholders have now tendered approximately 17,977,527 shares (up from 15,769,679 shares at the end of the initial offering period that expired on November 15, 2005), or approximately 89 percent of the outstanding shares of ANS.
The proceeds from this initial offering will be used to aggressively implement the marketing and distribution efforts for the nationwide launch of both Jana Water and Skinny Water.
4 million in common stock from over 400 investors at an initial offering price of $10.
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