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the craniometric point that is the most prominent point at the back of the head (at the occipital protuberance)

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The total distance between the nasion and the inion and the total circumference of the head are shown as dashed blue lines
Head Length: The straight distance between the glabella to the inion measured by blunt end type spreading calliper.
The culprits also stole a distinctive high-value Pinarello GB road bike with Inion Jack paintwork on the frame.
She is running against Lowel Arban of the Liberal Party and independent Vicente Inion.
Secondo Aristotele, il cervello e molto importante per il mantenimento della vita dell'individuo, e per questo e ben protetto nella scatola cranica (50) da un congiunto di ossa: il bregma, l'osso frontale, lo inion, nella parte posteriore, e le koryphe, le ossa parietali, situate tra il bregma e lo inion (51).
Ift he groundis soft,Op inion Poll looksnail ed-on fora place.
Deputy Minister of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policy Adylbek Kasymaliev said that if Russia joins the WTO, the tariffs will fall within the customs inion up to 7.
Decide whether each sentence is true, false, or an inion.
The injections were made under the occipital bone at the medial third between the inion and mastoid process, ipsilateral to the attack.
1), (3) Su nombre se origina de las palabras griegas inion (cuello) y cefalo (cabeza).
En la determinacion del sexo se tuvo en cuenta de forma subjetiva la morfologia craneal (arcos superciliares, inion, apofisis mastoides, escama del frontal .
1995): el gran desarrollo de los senos frontales, los cuales penetran en los procesos postorbitarios y se extienden caudalmente ensanchando la constriccion postorbitaria y otorgando un perfil convexo al craneo en la region dorsal a las orbitas; el desarrollo aguzado del inion, que, en vista lateral, claramente sobrepasa caudalmente a los condilos occipitales; el considerable desarrollo del proceso angular de la mandibula, debido a la gran extension de la fosa para la insercion de la rama dorsal del m.
The more elongated vault shape is associated with the inferior and posterior expansion of Inion, the more anterior location of Glabella, the flattening of Bregma, and the posterior expansion of the vault in the sagittal plane.
These include: the inion process, the mastoid process, the frontal ridges, the dentition (Miles, 1958), the dental arch, the shape of the chin, the shape of the angular process, the zygomatic arch, the cranial sutures, and the overall thickness of the cranial bones (Bass, 1971).
Noemi Mandi and Jocelyn Enriquez walked free from their captors in Basilan's Tipo-Tipo town while a third victim, Jocelyn Inion, was recovered by police in another town before noon, the military said.