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in an unreproducible manner

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The vista is paired with the Constantine Cavafay poem of the same name, as read in English by the inimitably French-accented architect Bernard Khoury.
They knew heights that the Christians, indeed that nearly all peoples, knew nothing of, and even when they fell from them, they still managed to gain ascendancy through that inimitably monumental task: the revaluation of values.
What this will mean for an arcane, highly stylized but richly human (and inimitably Chinese) art form remains to be seen.
Both the neighbouring countries are tenaciously united on rooting out militants that inimitably flourished during last thirteen years.
Between piloting the craft and conducting experiments, he studied the view down, 'a most exquisite and ever-varying Miniature of the little Works of Man, heightened by the supreme Pencil of Nature, inimitably elegant'.
In the second of the work's loosely demarcated sections, Weems's impossibly resonant voice--part Kathleen Turner, part Eartha Kitt, but always inimitably her own--recites and revises Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, while fragments of her 2008 reenactment of John F.
The design and the character of all 74 accommodation units and the entire hotel will be inimitably Park Inn by Radisson, designed for the new generation traveller.
Summary: History, culture, sunshine, sea and gastronomy combine to make Islamic-influenced Andalusia, in the south of Spain, an inimitably attractive destination with something for everyone.
On a lighter note is her warm, winning performance as Nettie in the film of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel, in which she sings "You'll never walk alone" and "June is busting out all over" with her inimitably rich voice.
All of them were newcomers but for two: Barry Banks, who's been Albery's inimitably endearing Francis Flute from the start, and Patrick Car fizzi, the stalwartly put-upon Quince of the 2002 revival.
The living rooms are inimitably designed as reticent garden rather than an interior space.
The inimitably stylish appearance of the Gran Turismo is accentuated by a powerfully formed front end, a stunningly stretched silhouette with coupe-style roofline, frameless side windows and a flowing rear end with large load aperture.
After the interview with Tim Crouch on the previous day, the third day provided another keynote highlight with a much-discussed contemporary British dramatist, the controversial writer Gurpreet Bhatti, who was again interviewed by Aleks Sierz in his inimitably elegant way.
The design and the character of all 73 accommodation units and the entire hotel will be inimitably Park Inn by Radisson, designed for the new generation traveller.