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in an inhumane manner


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Laluji is being treated inhumanely, and all of this is being done at Modi's behest," Tejashwi said addressing an election rally here.
"We strongly condemn the illegal move of the US government to arrest and inhumanely treat Ms.
The current Prime Minister is shameless, and the Welsh Secretary is no better: instead of fighting for Welsh families who have been inhumanely wronged by this Government, he just acts like a ventriloquist's dummy to whoever is Prime Minister.
THE daughter of a cabbie who was stabbed to death told a court yesterday he was "brutally, viciously and inhumanely killed".
"No Filipino worker deserves to be treated inhumanely, more so in a foreign land," he added.
"The sponsor and his wife treated the suspect badly and inhumanely. She was constantly beaten and insulted and she was also left for nearly three months without getting her salary paid.
The governor listed Cabinet secretaries for Lands (Farida Karoney) and Interior (Fred Matiang'i), Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya and the National Land Commission as respondents.He also argued that the evictions are being carried out inhumanely, accusing security officers of burning houses, livestock and beating up the owners.
They [the authorities] must figure out the situation in the army drunk officers inhumanely treat soldiers.
Workers accused the court-appointed administrator, Kahi, of treating them inhumanely despite having supported Nakumatt's turnaround plan.
"The situation is very sad, our villages are under threat, the pressure and the violations continue inhumanely," he added.
South Korea's parliament is putting a lid on what an official there has called its "inhumanely long" work hours, passing a bill that would cut the maximum workweek from 68 hours down to 52.
MANILA, Philippines In reaction to former Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon's claims that he was being punished inhumanely, Sen.
As the island is preparing for the New Year's celebrations, the party said that "while everyone talks of love and respect", at the same time people continue to treat defenceless animals inhumanely and with unkindness
During his career in the mid-19th century, Barnum inhumanely exploited animals and used people with certain genetic conditions as marvels to be stared at by guests.
-- Qatar treated the fishermen held captive there inhumanely..