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lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion

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But Lebanon rejected the proposal, describing it inhumane.
Speaking before the UN 4th Committee, these NGOs denounced the inhumane acts perpetrated against Sahrawi women, notably slavery, forced marriage and sending their children to other countries.
Tunisia, the statement underlines, is following with deep concern the degradation of the inhumane and security situation in the Palestinian territories as well as the numerous abuses committed by the Israeli armies against the Palestinians in the West Bank : a policy of collective punishment, a blockade imposed on the Palestinian villages, making innocent victims, arbitrary arrests, the demolition of houses and the forced deportation of Palestinian families.
There is no place for such atrocities in this day and age, and we hope that the summit will enable governments to deal with such inhumane issues more effectively.
The students have protested against this inhumane behaviour and have complained to Director Colleges who has assured to look into the matter.
The statement added the Kingdom of Bahrain finds such irresponsible and inhumane action shows the qualitative development of the weapons used in the Syrian internal conflict, which is a strong violation of international conventions and human rights values.
The Foreign Ministry emphasized that: "Undoubtedly the historical memory of the Iranian nation will never forget the inhumane action and the granting of honor medals to the perpetrators of the crime and the perpetrators are condemned before the human conscience; the so-called human rights advocates should bear responsibility for their silence towards such an evil action and for ignoring the most fundamental human values.
Egyptian authorities have demonstrated their mistrust of (hormones) and are likely to accept the findings of this scientific committee, leaving Australian cattle open to this extreme mutilation, most likely with no pain relief, prior to their final inhumane slaughter," WAToday quoted the PETA letter.
13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) issued the following statement in support of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) ongoing efforts to end the inhumane practice of soring.
N'DJAMENA (CyHAN)- An international human rights advocacy group says that prisoner's conditions in Chad are appalling and inhumane, saying that "a prison sentence risks becoming a death sentence.
We strongly condemned this outrages and inhumane killing and shared our condolences to the bereaved families.
A MAN was banned from keeping horses for 10 years for "callous and inhumane treatment" of animals.
That's fine because letting them ride on the roofs is even more inhumane.
After over a year of inhumane treatment and painful struggle, I had no choice but to leave China," he added.
They are designed to guarantee a thorough investigation of allegations of torture and inhumane treatment.