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Also speaking on the occasion, Dauda Ajadosu of the Initiative for Citizens Rights and Development urged the AGF to step up action in curbing the excesses of law enforcement agencies, who are the major perpetrators of torture and inhuman treatment in the country.
Speaking at the United Nations in Geneva today, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has warned that the Welsh and UK governments must do more to prevent torture and inhuman treatment across several areas.
The lawyer notes that despite the recognition by the Court of Cassation of the violation of Hakobyan's right to freedom from torture, the case was not resumed on this basis, but under the article "inhuman treatment of a subordinate".
ISLAMABAD -- The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) has recommended legislation for prohibition of torture by police and called for strict action against officials found involved in inhuman treatment of detained or arrested people.
22 (Petra)- The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) has formed a specialized fact-finding committee to determine authenticity of a video showing a Jordanian woman allegedly being subject to torture, security harassment and inhuman treatment circulated on the social networking sites.
They expressed grave concern over inhuman treatment meted out to political prisoners languishing in different jails in and outside Kashmir.
Terming the plight of Kashmiri political prisoners lodged in different jails as seriously alarming, the spokesman said, "The jail authorities are subjecting them to inhuman treatment and the plight of political prisoners has now reached to a dangerous point."
Weyman Bennett, 52, whose family settled here from Jamaica, said: "She's responsible for the inhuman treatment of people.
PavkoviA is charged with inhuman treatment and involvement in the torture of Bosniak detainees in the area of Prozor in 1993.
Bullet points beneath the headline state: "Public Health Wales confirms smacking to be treated as abuse, torture and inhuman treatment. Doctors and nurses who smack will be reported to the police.
In a total of 555 pages, the volume includes almost all international agreements and protocols on the rights of children, unti-torture and against tough and inhuman treatment, ways to eliminate racial discrimination and segregation against women as well as the rights of the disabled.
But cultural diversity does not mean inhuman treatment of other human beings.'
He deplored the 'inhuman treatment' against OFWs in Middle East.
The state provided inhuman treatment because she was left alone to take care of herself in 2002 when she was 14 years old after her parents were arrested.