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Synonyms for inhospitality

lack of cordiality and hospitableness

Antonyms for inhospitality

unkind and inconsiderate welcome

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A final source of Brooke Group's inhospitality to predatory pricing claims was the Chicago School perspective about the low likelihood of successful predation.
(31) As a scientific matter, Chicago critiqued numerous economic assumptions that drove inhospitality caselaw, assumptions that produced hostility toward nonstandard contracts, that is, agreements that departed from atomistic competition.
Local inhospitality toward the black marines inspired Bobby Troup to write an original song, "Take Me Away from Jacksonville," which included the lines "Take me away from Jacksonville, / cause I've had my fill and that's no lie.
In a gesture of accommodation within an exhibition otherwise intent on revealing the inhospitality of contemporary migrant and refugee environments, two of the thirty-six polyolefin-foam panels enclosing the structure's tubular-steel frame have been removed, inviting visitors to enter a phantom household measuring roughly eighteen feet long and ten feet across.
1 (2003): 71-92; Roland Bleiker, David Campbell, and Emma Hutchison, "Visual Cultures of Inhospitality," Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 26, no.
Martin asserts that the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality but inhospitality, according to citations elsewhere within the Bible, including from the mouth of Jesus.
Incredulous at Goneril's inhospitality to his knights, Lear threatens Regan as he had earlier threatened Cordelia, claiming that he would doubt her paternity if she did likewise--"I would divorce me from thy mother's tomb,/Sepulchring an adultress," since according to his "nothing comes from nothing" schema, her fault must spring from a natural source like heredity (2.2.303-04).
"Ever since short trips to nearby or faraway cities have become a national pastime, city dwellers around the globe have complained about the growing inhospitality of their cities." The writers suggest that additional low-cost accommodations like Airbnb have contributed to the growth in weekend travel around the globe, and add that cities lose their charm as souvenir shops and bars supplant bakeries and other favorite businesses that serve locals.
A scant eight lines later, Richard affirms England's pervasive hostility as he recoils from the inhospitality he suffers and imagines punishing his country.
In the service of this endeavor, the book draws on canonical, lesser-known, and archival sources to construct intricate conceptual histories of four interrelated "atopias," "cultural constructs" (7) defined as "'real' natural regions falling within the theoretical scope of contemporary human mobility, which, because of their intangibility, inhospitality, or inaccessibility, cannot be converted into the locations of affective habitation known as 'place'" (6).
The locations, spread over France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Venezuela, Canada and the U.S., are spectacular in their beauty and their inhospitality.
The news is the latest on the inhospitality of planet HD 189733b; in April scientists from the Universities of Geneva and Bern reported that the temperature of the planet reaches more than 3000 degrees at high altitudes in its atmosphere.
Our small towns are not inclined to such inhospitality, and we're well protected from any plunderous urges newcomers may have brought with them.
The Religious Openness Hypothesis argues that this negative relationship reflects a fundamentalist ghettoization of faith that walls out the intellect in response to what some Christians perceive to be the inhospitality of an increasingly influential Western secularism (Kamble et al., 2014b).