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the quality of being inhomogeneous

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In specimen's CT3 zone "b" we see inserts of inhomogeneities, such as nitrides, oxides, carbides and sulphides.
Attempts to address the problem described above have led to the development of the MUltiple SIgnal Classification-(MUSIC-) type algorithm to find unknown inhomogeneities and the algorithm has been applied to various problems, for example, detection of small inhomogeneities in homogeneous space [6-9], location identification of small inhomogeneities embedded in a half-space or multilayered medium [10-12], reconstructing perfectly conducting cracks [13, 14], imaging of internal corrosion [15], shape recognition of crack-like thin inhomogeneities [16-18] and volumetric extended targets [19-21], and application to the biomedical imaging [22].
In order to estimate the depolarization produced by static field inhomogeneities, dimensional uncertainties, and beam divergence, we use the convenience of Eq.
Title: The Dyer-Roeder Approximation and the Influence of the inhomogeneities in the Cosmological Tests
At electromagnetic waves scattering in randomly isotropic media cross section of inhomogeneities depends on the direction of the incident wave.
To obtain a full description of the phenomenon and account for field inhomogeneities as well as higher order eddy currents, we need to address Maxwells equations directly in their quasi-static form.
The results for MR-CT registrations, using the two similarity measures, five different intensity inhomogeneities, and M = 256, 64 and 16 intensity levels are presented in Table 1.
The topics include range-dependent environments, the manifestation of regular and chaotic ray motion in distributions of ray travel times, the influence of fine-scale inhomogeneities on wave dynamics, and wave beam in an ocean acoustic waveguide.
One of the reasons for inhomogeneities in the plasma can be spatial dependence of plasma density.
Inhomogeneities appear due to dielectric holders, bending of the conductor of the meander electrode, errors of manufacturing and for other reasons.
The research of transparent inhomogeneities (thermal, concentration, or other fields in transparent fluids) is most frequently carried out by an interferometric method which enables us to visualise inhomogeneities in fluids thanks to their different refractive indices.
Chemical shift artifacts, as well as magnetic and RF field inhomogeneities, are also important considerations at 3T.