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the quality of being inhomogeneous

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This condition goes to the condition of the excess of sizes of inhomogeneities over the Fresnel radius
While these inhomogeneities were not characterized by Shnoll there is a remarkable amount of evidence supporting this conclusion.
The first is the simplicity and tractability of moment estimation procedures for the parameters of the location dependent thinning model whereas for other kind of inhomogeneities it is not clear what to do since the models are highly "nonlinear" in nature.
It is essential to mention at this point that the intention of using SALS and Guinier's law in this work was to enable the investigation of the deformation process and no attempt was made to relate the analysis to the composition of the optical inhomogeneities.
Regarding the improved excitation profile, the increased separation allows for more targeted saturation of fat without compromising the desired water signal, especially in areas where fat saturation fails at 1.5T because of local B0 field inhomogeneities. For water-selective excitations, pulse sequences better envelop the water signal without as much overlap of the fat signal, yielding images with minimal fat content.
Using properties of electrodynamic structures with periodical inhomogeneities [6-9], it is possible to increase the retardation factor of the axially symmetrical line at low frequency, approach it to the constructive retardation, and reduce the dispersion of the slow electromagnetic wave in the line (Fig.
They aim to provide a framework for the description of moving discontinuities in solids and its implementation in a finite-volume numerical algorithm, and describe material inhomogeneities in thermodynamics, local phase equilibrium and jump relations at moving discontinuities, linear thermoelasticity, wave propagation in inhomogeneous solids, macroscopic dynamics of phase-transition fronts, two-dimensional elastic waves in inhomogeneous media, two-dimensional waves in functionally graded materials, phase transition fronts in two dimensions and the dynamics of a straight brittle crack.
Most publications do not contain any information on the local inhomogeneities of the thermocouple examined, which are always closely connected with a characteristic drift.
Such investigations are impossible at low operating frequencies since near-surface, low-contrast inhomogeneities of small dimensions do not significantly affect, in comparison with the depth of penetration of the wave, the impedance value.
The main problem of defectoscopy is to detect, or to localize areas in the tested object, in our case in the polymeric foils or in the images of foils, which correspond to disturbances or inhomogeneities that are present in the tested material.
The separate GEANT4 run which included systematic effects (energy and timing resolutions of Si detectors, detector calibration uncertainties, detector response nonlinearities, magnetic field inhomogeneities, neutron polarization uncertainty, etc.) was used to simulate the experimental data.
At the denaturation step, during the first 15 s the thermal inhomogeneities became most evident.
When sound waves pass through the material inhomogeneities, an interaction known as "scattering" occurs, which is dependent on the physicochemical properties of the two phases as well as their size, shape, concentration, spatial distribution and the frequency of the ultrasound used.
"By contrast with electromagnetic cosmological measurements, which suffer from light absorption and source evolution, this method will suffer just one type of propagation noise (gravitational lensing by mass inhomogeneities)," Cutler and his collaborators contend in their paper.