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Synonyms for inhibition

Synonyms for inhibition

Synonyms for inhibition

(psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires

the quality of being inhibited

(physiology) the process whereby nerves can retard or prevent the functioning of an organ or part

the action of prohibiting or inhibiting or forbidding (or an instance thereof)

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Determination of Relative percentage Inhibition: The relative percentage inhibition of the test samples was calculated using the following formula with respect to positive control (Ajay et al.
We used platelet aggregation inhibition rates before and after hemodialysis as indicators; these included the inhibition rate of AA- and ADP-induced platelet aggregation, which were targeted by aspirin and clopidogrel, respectively.
Key words: Catharantus roseus, Antibacterial activity, Zone of inhibition, Antifungal activity, Standards.
Inhibition of CAs iso-zymes by aromatic/heterocyclic sulfonamides has been used clinically for the treatment of a variety of diseases, such as epilepsy, glaucoma, mountain sickness, gastric duodenal ulcers, and congestive heart failure etc [11].
The study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology establishes a metabolic chain reaction that starts with low inhibition, aka attention control, which leaves a person vulnerable to tempting or distracting information, objects, thoughts or activities.
It has become the habit of One Source and Michael Romero to seek a judge's inhibition from hearing their case whenever they would get an adverse ruling or sense an unfavorable ruling, HCPTI said.
From overall result, the inhibition zone of extracts against Gram-negative bacteria which are E.
After the incubation period of 96 h the percentage of inhibition is determined for each concentration compared to the control turbidity at 750 nanometres and the concentration that produces 50% of inhibition in the growth of algal cells (I[C.
The OPTIMUS-3 (Third Optimising anti-Platelet Therapy In Diabetes MellitUS) study, which evaluated 35 patients with Type 2 diabetes who also had CAD and were taking aspirin, showed that within four hours, the level of platelet inhibition as measured using the VerifyNow P2Y12 Test with a 60 mg loading dose of prasugrel was higher than observed with a 600 mg loading dose of clopidogrel (89.
Furthermore, this author reported that viral concentrations in semen samples go through rapid variations and indicated that inhibition might be due to the action of RNases or lipoperoxidase.
56%) of the PHLS samples produced percentage inhibition of [greater than or equal to] 20% in the inhibition ELISA test (Table).
The reversal of the effect for the high and low WM capacity group depending on the degree of interference suggests that inhibition in the DF procedure depends on both: the degree of interference experienced by the participants, and the availability of controlled resources.
Studies have shown that inhibition or depletion of RLIP76, a glutathione-conjugate transport protein that helps cells defend themselves against toxicants, causes apoptosis in a number of cancer cell types.
TEPCO) announced on October 4 that it has developed the Japan's first "Heat Island effect inhibition pavement" technology, which recycles coal ash.
The second goal of my work is to report both the results of my long-term study of the neurophysiological basis of internal inhibition and certain literature data directly concerning these studies in order to provide experimental and theoretical evidence of the hyperpolarization theory of internal inhibition.