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Synonyms for inherited

of or from one's ancestors

possessed at birth

Synonyms for inherited

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

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According to Baxter Heatthcare's medical affairs director, Cheng Ming Gu, the podcast provides health care professionals and patient organisations with a comprehensive resource to educate patients and the wider community about inherited bleeding disorders, including haemophilia, van Willebrand disease, and inherited platelet disorders.
So if you inherit 401(k) funds from someone other than your spouse, you'll need to set up a separate inherited IRA.
If closely related dog breeds have a disease in common, "then I can assume that there's a good chance that they inherited a common ancestral mutation (variation in DNA)," says Ostrander.
Slides describe instances where this inherited risk may be implicated in breast cancer.
Still, most EDs are inherited in one precise way or another.
The rules in this article relate only to IRAs and retirement plans inherited by non-spouse beneficiaries; spousal beneficiaries are subject to different rules.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-5 January 2004-Finnish researchers want to make public database of inherited cancers(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
A Clinical Guide to Inherited Metabolic Diseases, 2nd edition.
Tangier disease is a rare autosomal-recessive inherited disorder that is caused by a defect in chromosome 9q3 1.
Do you own property that was acquired, constructed or inherited after 1986?
Based in Reykjavik, deCODE utilizes Iceland's unique genealogical resources to conduct population-wide DNA linkage analyses to identify the inherited causes of common diseases.
Generally, RMDs will now be based on the annually recalculated life expectancy of the person receiving the distribution, whether it's the original IRA owner or an inherited beneficiary.
In traditional societies, particularly in the Europe from which so many United States citizens came, one inherited religion.
What many people also do not realize is that, under the current estate-tax law, the cost basis of inherited assets is "stepped up" to the fair market value on the day of the benefactor's death.
[11] Like Portia dell'Anguillara, Margherita was an heiress, the only child of the Lombard count, Alfonso della Somaglia, [12] and thus she, too, wished for an heir to receive her inherited fortune.
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