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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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Assets can be passed between married couples free of inheritance tax.
There are many ways to help manage Inheritance tax so that you can pass on as much of your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones and other beneficiaries, rather than to the taxman.
Under Iran's previous inheritance tax, the rate was 5 percent on assets up to the equivalent of $1,400, if left to spouses and children, and then jumped to 51 percent for sums above that.
Inheritance tax now affects thousands of families who may not have considered it in their financial planning.
Figures from HMRC show around 300 estates, including 130 in Birmingham, 100 in Solihull, 40 in Dudley and 30 in Wolverhampton, along with less than 10 in each of the other parts of the Birmingham area, paid inheritance tax in 2012/13.
In London, the potential impact on an inheritance tax bill is even more marked with an average house price of PS458,000.
If you have inherited properties or assets in Spain within the last four years and either you or the deceased were non residents in Spain at the time of death, you may be able to recover almost 100 per cent of the inheritance tax paid to the Spanish tax office.
A report by Close Brothers Asset Management shows a third of people are oblivious to the need to plan for inheritance tax.
It is important for the tax advisors of individuals with property in New Jersey to familiarize themselves with the inheritance tax, as well as situations in which the inheritance tax will equal or exceed the New Jersey estate tax.
He explains that inheritance tax is levied at a rate of 40% on assets exceeding the nil rate band of PS325,000 per person.
Where an individual's net estate exceeds the nil rate band of PS325,000 (PS650,000 for married couples) on death, Inheritance Tax of 40% is levied on that excess.
The Chancellor has confirmed that the threshold for inheritance tax will be frozen at Au325,000 per person until 2018.
THOSE who fall inside new inheritance tax thresholds can avoid unnecessary payments with simple planning, according to a local expert.
The Foundation gives advice on legal ways of avoiding huge bills for inheritance tax by leaving cash to the Tories.