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capable of being inherited

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Gaining knowledge in the inheritability of epigenetic alteration by environmental toxicants will immensely aid in the progress of diagnosis and prevention of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Further, like the eugenicists of centuries past, Hernstein and Murray (1994) claim the inheritability of IQ, rejecting current and former research that show strong relationships between context and performance on tests (Chapman, 1988; Lindstrom et al., 1995; Lippman, 1922; Margolin, 1994).
Claudine Wong, Can Bruce Willis Leave His iTunes Collection to His Children?: Inheritability of Digital Media in the Face of EULAs, 29 SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGH TECH.
For example, Conrad's apprehensions about insanity and inheritability in his own genetics are treated sensitively with an eye to why he worked through and might have incorporated discourses on degeneracy such as Lombroso's or Max Nordau's.
The largest study of its kind to date, the team also showed that inheritability outweighs environmental risk.
Thus, comparing the frequency of expression of certain traits between those two groups could be indicative of their respective inheritability.
(114) Finally, property rights had evolved to include what are now common facets: alienability and inheritability. Thus, over hundreds of years, the property system "evolved from hierarchy to individual ownership as the power of the sovereign to use property as a system of social control was diminished by the recognition of rights of ownership." (115)
For biological variables an inheritability ranging from 40-50% has been reported, and for suicidal behavior there is converging evidence from different approaches including familial transmission, twin and adoption studies with candidate genes and genomic scans supporting a strong genetic contribution to suicidal behavior.
In addition, the average inheritability obtained for the number of days up to flowering indicates to the reliability of using the direct meaningful effect of this trait as one of the optional criteria.
In Section 2, different community detection methods are compared, and the definition of Community Inheritability (CI), the decision rules, and algorithm of Community Inheritability are given.
Smith, Publicity, Liberty, and Intellectual Property: A Conceptual and Economic Analysis of the Inheritability Issue, 34 EMORY L.J.
There apparently seems to be an inheritability to susceptibility as evidenced by identical twins research.
Essentially, a high degree of inheritability of talent increases the intra-generational correlation between talent and wealth.
There exists strong evidence presented in family, twin, and adoption studies to support the inheritability of schizophrenia.
More striking, however, is the significant interplay between modern law, especially in regard to jurisdiction, and traditional Lakota law, reaching all the way back to 1877 for rules of descendancy and inheritability. Modernity and tradition came together in an uneasy and cautious embrace.