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Synonyms for inhere

to have an inherent basis

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be inherent in something

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Cross-industry transactions, by their very nature, are largely business transactions and do not inhere the emotional issues often present in credit union-to-credit union transactions.
A passion and its corresponding action are one and the same mode, whereas passions and their corresponding actions both inhere in the patient (passions of the soul and their corresponding actions are "the same thing").
A substance is a substratum in which properties subsist or inhere. Human beings have nonphysical souls, and therefore are not physical substances.
He analyzes stories of zombies, vampires, body-snatching, ritual-murder, organ-theft and other horrors as symbolic expressions of body integrity fears that inhere in a society in which individual survival requires the selling of one's life energies on the market.
The G&S global network extends across nearly 40 countries and includes Cosmo PR in Tokyo, Inhere Communications in Beijing and Shanghai, and the Public Relations Organisation International partnership.
However, just as important, it can also help us to understand the particularities that inhere in these identities and how they influence the hurdles to be leapt in the race toward degree attainment.
Practices informing medieval map-paemundi inhere in world maps that reach into the classical age.
But for those not yet convinced to offer life products aggressively or to partner with a financial services organization it may come as a good idea: look at a 1040 form carefully or at a business tax filing and see how many areas for savings, for tax deduction, and for client-glue inhere in this form.
Michel himself does not comment on the nature of oral history evidence nor the wider methodological and theoretical issues of historical memory that inhere in his sources, but he has left us--along with an excellent first book on SSOC--with a body of oral history interviews that open onto fascinating questions about the ways that narrators' concerns shape an author's text.
Husbandry can be learned anew in colleges of agriculture, Berry concludes, but only if many agricultural scientists become farmers themselves and learn to accept the practical limitations and the element of mystery that inhere in husbandry.
But be warned - pop inhere one lunch time after a bad morning in the office and your wallet might regret it.
``We have friends round here quite often and I'llcook for us all,four course meals,and we'll stay inhere all night.
The second is the idea that legal rights are a function of being "part of a nation-state"--an idea radically at odds with the American proposition that rights inhere in individuals.