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Synonyms for inharmonic

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for inharmonic

lacking in harmony

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For the investigation of the dynamics of inharmonic internal gravity wave packets in stratified non- homogeneous and non-stationary media we have at hand the analytic methods which are limited and do not allow one to estimate the accuracy of the geometrical optics method for the real media.
However the piano signal is inharmonic in nature with complicated decay envelope.
2) Inharmonic frequencies are often visible between the harmonics, providing evidence of noise or roughness that is deliberately added to the tone.
Studies of the structure of communicative activity and its place in the person's individuality will clarify the psychology of optimal and obstructed communication between men and women, and the reasons for harmonic or inharmonic development of their individuality.
Pythagoras discovered that beauty of music was nothing but the harmony and unification of antithetic factors Beauty of music must develop multiplicity into unification, and transform inharmonic into coherence.
An Incessant, Inharmonic, Idiosyncratic Impulsion to Do Something Creative," works by Inga, reception, 7:01 p.
Your rational mind was motivated to share your auditory torture, converting it into the discovery of a new music--much like Beethoven--made of inharmonic material that declares the beauty of imperfection.
In his detailed analysis of Konitz's version of "All the Things You Are" (the music for which Hartman reproduces), we are made aware of the expert literary critic at work: "This inharmonic modulation by way of an ambiguous chord acts as a sort of musical pun, startling and witty.
Some of the most interesting, and certainly the most characteristic, sounds in the electronic domain are the inharmonic sounds, made up of collections of frequencies that do not match any particular intonation system.
During the course of eleven repetitions of this sonority, some inharmonic components are gradually introduced to unsettle the initial timbre.
For example, gamelan music uses percussion instruments with inharmonic spectra, and as a result has a syntax that ignores potentialities provided by the overtone series.
In the opening of S1, and also in S5, S9, and S13, sustained sounds of harmonic spectra echo the violinist's notes as in the far distance; these harmonic spectra are exceptions in the context of the computer-synthesized part, which predominantly includes inharmonic sounds.
The chords in the passage reproduced as Example 4(21) are almost all tonalities drawn from the Diamond: the occasional inharmonic tones can be regarded as conventional passing notes (measure 27) or as ornaments (measures 28-29).
PARSHL: A Program for the Analysis/Synthesis of Inharmonic Sounds Based on a Sinusoidal Representation.
Circularity in Relative Pitch Judgments for Inharmonic Complex Tones: The Shepard Demonstration Revisited, Again.