inhalation anthrax

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a form of anthrax infection acquired by inhalation of dust containing Bacillus anthracis

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It is unusual for inhalation anthrax case-patients to have no identified exposure source (5,9,15).
Raxibacumab was approved by the FDA in December 2012 for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with inhalation anthrax due to Bacillus anthracis in combination with appropriate antibacterial drugs, and for prophylaxis of inhalation anthrax when alternative therapies are not available or are not appropriate.
We also note that the safety profile shown in healthy human volunteers provides support for use of raxibacumab in the clinical setting of immediately life-threatening inhalation anthrax disease," she added.
Department of Health and Human Services and a contract under Project Bioshield, Human Genome Sciences (HGS) was able to develop a human monoclonal antibody, Abthrax, for the treatment of inhalation anthrax.
Valortim (MDX-1303) is a fully human antibody designed to protect against anthrax infection, including inhalation anthrax, the most lethal form of illness in humans caused by the Bacillus anthracis bacterium.
If nothing were done, and the spores were of sufficient strength, it could have taken less than a week for Mr Blair and those sitting near him to possibly fall ill with inhalation anthrax.
On October 21 and 22, two other Brentwood employees died of inhalation anthrax.
Inhalation anthrax may begin with premonitory symptoms of fever, chills, nonproductive cough, chest pain, headache, muscle pain, and malaise.
It takes 10,000 spores to trigger a full-blown case of inhalation anthrax, which begins like a flu and ends in death.
Initial symptoms of inhalation anthrax may resemble the common cold," Kelsey said.
For years afterwards, "Meselson said what had caused the outbreak was still unclear" even after a pathologist on his own investigation team had documented from autopsy slides that victims of the Sverdlovsk outbreak had died from inhalation anthrax and not by consuming tainted meat.
Even one of the two postal workers who died of inhalation anthrax following the Sept.
Anthrax] used to be 89% fatal, and now we've had two people who developed inhalation anthrax and survived," Bell says.
five people have died from inhalation anthrax, the deadliest form of the disease.