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The investigators reported that the inhalation anaesthetics, with the exception of desflurane, have the potential to cause genotoxicity.25
demonstrated that there is a higher incidence of spontaneous abortion in paediatric anaesthesiologists compared to non-paediatric, which might be associated with the occupational exposure to inhalation anaesthetics during induction and the use of un-cuffed endotracheal tubes in paediatric anaesthesia.29 Various studies attested to the findings of previous authors, reporting that occupational exposure to unscavenged waste and anaesthetic gases may lead to adverse outcomes, or that inhalation exposure can lead to first-born female offspring.30,31
Comparison of effects of several inhalation anaesthetics on caffeine-induced contractures of normal and malignant hyperthermic skeletal muscle.
Due to the potential effects of anaesthetics gases on OS, it should be useful to minimise exposure to inhalation anaesthetics and to provide better work conditions.
(11) It has also been observed that an infusion of dexmedetomidine combined with inhalation anaesthetics provided satisfactory intraoperative conditions without adverse haemodynamic effects.
Low flow anaesthesia reduces occupational exposure to inhalation anaesthetics. Environmental and biological measurements in operating room personnel.
It is known that inhalation anaesthetics specially lead to an increase in the release of proinflammatary cytokine and these cytokines increase the influx of neutrophils via alveolar macrophages.1 Besides, inhalation anaesthetics influence alveolar macrophages which have a very significant role in the defense against post-operative pulmonary complications.
Desflurane and sevoflurane: inhalation anaesthetics for this decade?