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the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)

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Morales continues, "What remains constant in the more recent work is the sense that Dealy understands, better than most, that the psychological experience of seeing is inextricably intertwined with the body and its dynamic inhabitation of the world—what Maurice Merleau-Ponty termed the ontology of the flesh.
Fleming said while some refugees were taken to refurbished facilities, most were taken to places which "had not been repaired properly for human inhabitation.
When covered with hair, the scalp is a protected environment that is a welcome setting to the inhabitation of microorganism population different from that present in other body areas.
The place has become unfit for the human inhabitation.
His Reggie is a suave, charismatically volatile antihero calculated to inspire perverse admiration among younger male auds; his playfully eccentric inhabitation of the gay, mentally unstable Ronnie would, on its own, rep the more extravagant bid for thespian kudos.
Although painted wall plaster found in the rubble fill of the building suggests an ecclesiastical connection, it was unlikely to have been a simple chapel, as there are large numbers of domestic artefacts from the Late Roman throughout the Byzantine and Frankish periods indicating sustained inhabitation here, according to the department.
God has created all the sources of life for the humans and all resources of nature that he requires, so that he may realise objectives such as contemplation and worship, inhabitation and construction, sustainable utilization, and enjoyment and appreciation of beauty," he highlighted.
In Agaat, the assimilation of the bodily spaces of Milla and Agaat represents Thirding-as-Othering, as their cumulative spatial inhabitation becomes the other bodily space that is inherent in their individual bodies.
We learn very little about the lived experiences of inhabitation, of humans or animals, or about landscapes, in the shadow of the (post)colonial state.
Abu Dhabi: Despite being assured that their building is safe for inhabitation, tenants of one of the capital's residential towers were once again asked to vacate their homes on Monday.
Sir Bani Yas island, a small island off the coast of Abu Dhabi near Jebel Dhanna, is steeped in history, with evidence of inhabitation dating back thousands of years - the island is home to pre-Islamic archeological ruins, and geological salt hills that are millions of years old.
In particular, many critics have read Itza's inhabitation of Lavinia as an empowering force that connects the indigenous resistance during the Conquest with the modern struggle against the Somoza dictatorship.
During this long duration this area was taken charge and was in full control of the security forces and civilian inhabitation was totally barred.
Instead, he stresses processes of entanglement, appropriation, and inhabitation that he sees linking Muslims not only with each other in America but with American citizenship and civic religion.
Tears, To Cities, poems of inhabitation, To Images, for their redeeming