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the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)

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In 2009 the ISS completed nine years of uninterrupted inhabitancy.
In opposition to those who call for fidelity to some redemptive event, and to those who urge faith in the promises of the Enlightenment, Adorno concerned himself with the question of what it means to inhabit life gone awry, and his word for such inhabitancy was dwelling.
But a find in the Tucson basin, which roughly covers the area between the Santa Rita Mountains and north Tucson, could indicate a broader inhabitancy, according to Arthur Vokes, who has curated the Arizona State Museum's architectural repository for nearly 30 years.
In what follows, I will focus on the importance of Marzec's scholarship on land, inhabitancy, and empire not only as it pertains to the complicity between this domestic British enclosure movement vis a vis the ecos, cultural production (particularly the novel) and the British imperial project, but also to the effort, based on this critical analysis, to think the positive possibilities of the prior "open" and "nomadic" inhabitancy, which it was the purpose of the enclosure acts and imperialism to demonize and repress or accommodate by way of the enclosure of "the Commons" and in the name of freedom.
Is this recreation to be replaced by towers of brick built on the community foreshore which has remained unchanged by its inhabitancy for 2,000 years?
(6) One of the most important historians of this period, Keith Matthews, described the purposes of King William's Act as explicitly encouraging the migratory fishery, restraining inhabitancy, and "deliberately refraining from establishing institutions of law and government on the Island." (7) After casting the purposes of the act this way, Matthews then considered it ineffective in achieving the goals he thought the act embodied.
Spellman was not "duly elected" by her constituents, nor was there any finding that she had not met the other three standing qualifications for office, that of "age," "citizenship," and "inhabitancy" in the state from where elected.
In conclusion, the second part of the poem juxtaposes the world of the first part: their opposing values reveal the gap between the courtly parade of arts and the unaffected inhabitancy of poetry in nature.
The text continually disturbs the notion of religious entitlement and continuity, showing how both religious and secular Jews struggle with inhabitancy. The Kirshners' old Rav, for example, describes the legacy of anxious dwelling that he sees in his congregants.
If they fail to maintain inhabitancy, they will be subject to expulsion from the Legislature."
"I believe people are fascinated by both the diversity of life and the shear beauty of this unseen world and its inhabitancy. I believe marine art has appeal to anyone who loves the earth and its oceans."
I do understand that high proportions of student inhabitancy can cause friction.