ingrown hair

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a hair that does not emerge from the follicle but remains embedded in the skin (usually causing inflammation)

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TRY A 2-STEP TECHNIQUE: Once your skin is sudsed, first run the razor in the direction the hair grows (so for your legs, move downward-it'll reduce risk of ingrown hairs and nicks).
In fact, he didn't know anything was wrong until he went to his dermatologist for what he thought was an ingrown hair under his arm.
Shaving your legs may seem incredibly simple, but there are still some of us who struggle with it and end up with nicks and cuts, and even ingrown hair.
One is incredibly sharp with a truly fine tip for ingrown hair or splinter removal.
Bliss ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads, pounds 26.
It was a spider bite or an ingrown hair,'' he said.
Plucking can also irritate the pores and allow for ingrown hair and unsightly bumps.
Art of Shaving Ingrown Hair Night Treatment, pounds 31.
Now you've heard everything: SMU starting strong safety Alvin Nnabuife might miss the rest of the year after having surgery last week for ingrown hair on his underarm that caused an infection.
Philips Norelco has launched its first power shaver for reducing ingrown hair.
Breast cancer is very rare in someone your age and this lump could be a cyst caused by an ingrown hair or an enlarged lymph node due to an infection.
A major skin problem affecting Black men who shave is that of ingrown hair, which results when curly or kinky hair grows back into the skin.
Phillips began touting the merits of his newly created ingrown hair and razor bump-relief treatment more than 43 years ago, he encountered significant challenges in gaining the attention of buyers in all retail distribution channels.
Any minor infection that's in the skin, such as the inflammation that you get in the follicle of an ingrown hair, can lead to the odd swollen gland around the area.