ingrown hair

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a hair that does not emerge from the follicle but remains embedded in the skin (usually causing inflammation)

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I have spent years studying and researching how to develop a shaving soap that would rid the world of ingrown hairs and help men obtain the smoothest shave possible," stated Alexander Skijus president of Shaving by Alexander "Thanks to Natural Product Laboratories that dream has now become a reality and I look forward to ordering more from Natural Product as my business continues to grow.
Precision Trimmer perfectly grooms bikini line with precision and comfort * Micro Trimmer shapes and defines eyebrows or removes a single hair * Micro Shaver extra smooth & safe with hypo-allergenic foil * Epilator removes hair by the root for smooth skin for weeks * Precision Comb ensures even grooming results and adjusts to 5 length settings * Eyebrow Comb trims entire eyebrow to a uniform length * Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter smoothes dry, rough skin with a fresh- citrus scent * Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pad an easy-to-use wipe that alleviates intra-follicular lumps and bumps * Beauty Bag to take your gear on the go
Captive Mahmoud Abdullah Faqih from Ramallah says that his health continues to deteriorate and includes an incredibly painful cyst of ingrown hair on his back.
Rosario's infection, for which he received antibiotics intravenously during his weekend stay at Sacred Heart Medical Center, apparently stemmed from an ingrown hair in the leg of the junior tight end, who was listed No.
In fact, he didn't know anything was wrong until he went to his dermatologist for what he thought was an ingrown hair under his arm.
Over time, the brand grew to incorporate Hair Inhibiting Gel, Ingrown Hair Treatment Gel, Body Butter, Bath and Shower Gel, Body Oil, Sugar Scrub, Self-Tanner, CC Body Cream and a series of Deodorant and Ingrown Hair Swipes to meet the growing needs of its consumers.
The collection includes secret service ingrown hair serum (recently featured on Good Day LA), on your back massage oil candle, the balm multi-tasking hair and body balm, body by joe firming body scrub and the bar body conditioner.
So, shaving is a substitute, but there will still be ingrown hair and allergy.
Bliss ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads, pounds 26.
With the burgeoning popularity of revealing clothing and barely-there swimwear, women want a smooth look and will suffer from pain, razor bumps and ingrown hair for a Brazilian.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ingrown hair, also known as "razor bumps," are a common skin condition, particularly in people whose hair has the tendency to curl back or grow sideways in a hair follicle.
One is incredibly sharp with a truly fine tip for ingrown hair or splinter removal.
Art of Shaving Ingrown Hair Night Treatment, pounds 31.
It was a spider bite or an ingrown hair,'' he said.