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growing abnormally into the flesh


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Thommasen HV Johnston CS, Thommasen A, The occasional removal of an ingrowing toenail.
Trichloroacetic Acid Matricectomy in the Treatment of Ingrowing Toenails.
When Phillips, with his pharmacy training and extensive chemistry background, began researching to find a solution for ingrowing hair, a problem that he too encountered, he noted that one of the primary ingredients was able to safely slough away surface skin tissue, thus exposing and releasing the ingrowing hairs.
As we shave and wax more in the summer, exfoliation is important to avoid ingrowing hairs that cause lumps and bumps in unwelcome areas.
In addition, although most infants remain asymptomatic, some will experience pain from lateral ingrowing of the fingernail as a result of the congenital hypertrophy.
There are several predisposing factors for ingrowing toe nail including incorrect nail trimming (cutting corners), tight shoes, increased nail fold width, decreased nail thickening, medial rotation of toe (deformities), onychomycosis, systemic abnormalities like arthritis, immune deficiency, neoplasm, hyperhydrosis, obesity and diabetes6.
They will have to do it without Newcastle Jets striker Marko Jesic, who has had to undergo surgery on an ingrowing hair and that could provide an opportunity for either Reading's Cameron Edwards or Adam Taggert, who has impressed in the Under-19s.
Formable acrylic treatment for ingrowing nail with gutter splint and sculptured nail.
Looking back now, the goatee probably didn't look very good and took much maintenance - trimming, shaping, unpicking ingrowing strands.
Then there was Debbie Ferdinand's Pekinese and its painful ingrowing left forepaw claw, accompanied by a detailed account of how the vet painlessly sorted things out to Mustard's (the Pekinese's) relief.
The West Yorkshire chief constable told MPs: "We now run an appointments system - as you would make an appointment with your doctor to get advice about ingrowing toenails.
The vet's discovered Carpenter's got an ingrowing tail and they will have to operate.