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For example, it has been found that priming moral identity has led to increased inclusiveness to the ingroup, thereby decreasing negativity towards members of the outgroup (Reed & Aquino, 2003), but how does this compare to the consequences that the individual and social components of religious identity have on the evaluation of outgroup members?
A single item measured the feeling that ingroup identity--as Quebecois, Acadian or Franco-Ontarian--is threatened by the presence of the ingroup and three outgroups, which included Anglophones and two other outgroups among the following, depending on the host community at hand: Francophone Quebecers, Acadians, Franco-Ontarians and Quebec Anglophones.
For instance, an increased probability of automatically categorizing one's ingroup with positive adjectives does not imply that the same person will also categorize outgroup exemplars with negative adjectives with equal speed.
Concretely, MS has demonstrated its potential to generate a greater need for order, clarity and structure; an increase in ethnocentrism, identification with and esteem for the ingroup as well as greater rejection towards different and threatening outgroups--including the tendency to use stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, and violence and the support of political violence against them--(for further detail, consult the resume of those effects in Pyszczynski, Rothschild, & Abdollahi, 2008).
Ingroup bias refers to individuals showing a preference for others perceived to be in the same social group (ingroup) versus those from another group (outgroup) [1].
In other words, an individual can start perceiving complete strangers as ingroup or outgroup members in a very short period of time and treat outgroup members unjustly without having a meaningful reason to do so.
Although some Maori speakers view te reo Maori as closely tied to Maori cultural ingroup membership, through processes of colonisation, many Maori do not possess the skills to engage with their culture through Maori language.
Groupthink is the phenomenon where individuals in a group will tend to make decisions that will minimize individual differences and retain cohesion and ingroup uniformity.
biases favoring ingroup members and disfavoring outgroup members in
In the present research we addressed this issue by focusing on heterosexual men's motivation to distinguish their ingroup from that of gay men.
Interdependent people have a higher motivation to get along with ingroup others because they value conformity, cooperation, and reciprocity.
21) Because whites remain the dominant social class in the United States, their ingroup preferences, if acted upon, could cause discriminatory treatment of persons of color even in the absence of conscious bias.
We usually think first of demographic characteristics like age, race, sex, religion and ethnicity as establishing an ingroup, but there are also ingroups based on occupation, neighborhood and schools attended, among other things.
lngroup bias: Though the motivation for preferential treatment of members of one's own group may seem obvious, there exist certain kinds of ingroup bias that operate completely on an unconscious level.