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the state of being allowed entry

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A Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean and Red Sea areas restricted marine Neogene deposits to limited ingressions into the edge of the mountain range, with Lower Miocene carbonates transgressing onto older deposits.
This comes after the firm's operations team had to overcome issues relating to sand ingression into a number of wells.
The presence of allochthonous detritus sediments enhanced the abundance of detritivores like Oligochaetes (Manoharan et al, 2006)[34] which confirms the peak of annelid population during September at St I and II due to the ingression of allochthonous material into the wetland from catchment area during monsoon rains.
The continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring sensor is designed to prevent the ingression of dust into the electronics cavity of the sensor to protect critical components and enhance durability.
The XT-3 reader is designed for outdoor installations classified for the IP65 level of ingression protection.
This paper studies a custom test protocol designed to environmentally stress screen conformal coatings for their ability to withstand moisture ingression and protect the conductors from moisture-related failures such as corrosion and dendritic growth formations.
All the follicles were classified as either healthy or atretic, respectively, according to the absence or presence of signs of oocyte and/or granular degeneration such as pyknosis of the nucleus, infolding of the cell wall in oocyte, ingression of granulosa cells within the antral cavity, pulling away of granulosa cells from the basement membrane, infolding or thickening of base membrane and uneven layers of granulosa cells (27).
In the Gulf of Finland marine ingression started about 11 300 cal yr BP and lasted to ca 11 200 cal yr BP (Heinsalu & Veski 2007).
At the core of the new solution is Advantica's Mains Replacement Prioritization (MRP) product which provides PGW with a scientific methodology for assessing the condition and risk of its metallic mains based on the pipe properties, leak and break history and other factors such as proximity to building, gas ingression and numbers of services.
The sol-gel coating acts as a barrier to the ingression of moisture and chloride ions from the electrolyte.
Their ingression in a concrescing actual occasion is more conducive to its achieving optimal intensity of satisfaction than other ingressions would be.
For rotor blades, 3M drew from its polyurethane protective tapes to develop a customized product to protect and repair damage from sand, rain, moisture ingression, ultraviolet light, insects and other causes.
Third, the preparation of the Czech Republic for ingression into the European Union in 2004, including its complete association with the EU environmental and agricultural policies, and its search for appropriate methods and forms of land use.
Monitoring the ingression of water in oriented strandboard by non-contact and water-immersion ultrasound: A dimensional stability and defect analyses.
With each succession there is a deeper ingression into the un/conscious mediated by the imago: awoken > taken out of the house > dressing up > covering with bark cape.