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Synonyms for ingratitude


Synonyms for ingratitude

a lack of gratitude

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This strange, cruel, and almost unaccountable ingratitude in the captain, absolutely broke the poor doctor's heart; for ingratitude never so thoroughly pierces the human breast as when it proceeds from those in whose behalf we have been guilty of transgressions.
She could think of nothing better: and though there was something in it which her own heart could not approvesomething of ingratitude, merely glossed overit must be done, or what would become of Harriet?
The parable shows the contrast between the graciousness of the vineyard owner toward the tenants and the sheer ingratitude of the latter.
Not to use that opportunity to give back would be a sign of immense ingratitude.
C'est une ingratitude que de nier les efforts consentis dans cette optique.
There is the full sense of betrayal, which also includes ingratitude," said Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis after Higuain's PS75m summer move.
You are showing no gratitude to God, who gave you the gifts, and this sin of ingratitude provides the deepest wellspring of every other sin.
To say the least, the AMs displayed their deep ingratitude when they made Neil Hamilton their leader.
In a spectacular show of ingratitude he appears to have turned his back on Boro.
Professor Denko Maleski in Sloboden pecat writes that with all due respect for the institution President of the country, the words Ivanov uttered in the interview for German newspaper "Bild" reflected ingratitude and short-term memory.
It is a form of ingratitude, a characteristic that neither our culture nor our ethics or history allow," the Mufti said, calling upon the secretary-general of Hezbollah to point the Resistance's weapons back at the Israeli enemy and not at the inside or against fellow Arabs and Muslims.
They went their way with bottomless corruption and ingratitude to the people who elected them to responsible governmental positions of power.
Every character has attitude--including Jackson, one determined donkey, fed up with ingratitude.
Income tax, for instance, and the ingratitude of one's children.
In either case, she should be grateful the BJP gave her a chance and going around embarrassing them by childish remarks, is certainly ingratitude of the worst kind.