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Synonyms for ingratitude


Synonyms for ingratitude

a lack of gratitude

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The doctor remonstrated to him privately concerning this behaviour, but could obtain no other satisfaction than the following plain declaration: "If you dislike anything in my brother's house, sir, you know you are at liberty to quit it." This strange, cruel, and almost unaccountable ingratitude in the captain, absolutely broke the poor doctor's heart; for ingratitude never so thoroughly pierces the human breast as when it proceeds from those in whose behalf we have been guilty of transgressions.
She could think of nothing better: and though there was something in it which her own heart could not approvesomething of ingratitude, merely glossed overit must be done, or what would become of Harriet?
Former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, has condemned the incessant xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa, describing it as 'un-African, barbaric, and unparalleled acts of ingratitude'.
Ingratitude as a trait of character, invokes the anger and displeasure of Almighty Allah.
Otherwise, it is just a whinge about the base ingratitude of those whose ability to live and work in 27 countries he has voted away and the villainy of devious Johnny Foreigner.
The alternative is dire - hearing Sam Allardyce repeat that he did an "unbelievable" job lifting them to eighth and would still be there but for the ingratitude of the fans.
Benda notes that people in the world, including Liberians live in a world of ingratitude, and ingratitude is part of human nature.
Trump also complained about Ankara's ingratitude in light of the fact that he had secured the release of an imprisoned Turkish national from a country he did not name.
Al-Riyadh newspaper commented in its editorial under the title "Firmness in facing of extortion'' that since its establishment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has faced so far dozens of ingratitude stances towards its noble positions, as it has been subjected to a whole slew of extortions and bargaining cases due to its religious status along with its steadfastness in supporting the issues of Arabs and Muslims, in addition to its political status and economic power forced even the world powers in the stages of its establishment to deal with the emerging country in a way based on the appreciation of an important Islamic leadership and Arab power.
The owner of the studio was so disturbed by this show of ingratitude he rearranged seating in the commissary so as not to ever again see Steven.
No one should be shocked by such ingratitude. History teaches that, from Biblical times, relations among nations have been a rough business in which sentiment has little place.
C'est une ingratitude que de nier les efforts consentis dans cette optique.
"There is the full sense of betrayal, which also includes ingratitude," said Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis after Higuain's PS75m summer move.
You are showing no gratitude to God, who gave you the gifts, and this sin of ingratitude provides the deepest wellspring of every other sin.'