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Synonyms for ingratiation

the act of gaining acceptance or affection for yourself by persuasive and subtle blandishments

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Interestingly, many of the positive behaviors in this category (building a positive relationship, supporting the boss) had corresponding behaviors that were equivocal (ingratiation, going around the boss).
Supporting this view, Lewis and Neighbors (2005) found that having a controlled orientation is consistently associated with the use of self-promotion, ingratiation, and exemplification strategies, all of which are conducive to procuring a positive self-image.
Posts that contained ingratiation themes were also frequently used by Blue Bell.
Ingratiation includes flattery, conforming with the supervisor's opinion and doing favors for boss.
The self-presentational strategies included ingratiation, exemplification, self-promotion, intimidation, and supplication (Jones & Pittman, 1982).
Bob's initial ingratiation with Jesse notwithstanding, the plot is punctuated with scenes in which Bob challenges Jesse, either subtly or openly, and this series of scenes begins early on in the film.
AIf your parents planned their ingratiation with the teachers over the school year with pinpoint accuracy, you got to be Mary or Joseph.
He savours every second as he goes from purring ingratiation to Satanic savagery.
But the moppet makes a new pal - a demon magnificently voiced by Sir Ian McKellen, who savours every second as he goes from purring ingratiation to satanic savagery.
While the soft tactics, like ingratiation, have been substantially investigated in the past similar investigation of hard tactics such as upward appeal, and coalition, has relatively lagged, even though the latter have been discussed elsewhere in other contexts e.g.
Coombs' fifth strategy, ingratiation, is considered to be "out of place" (ibid: 14).
To the exhibition's co-curator, Sarah Milroy, however, Bell's portrait of Tree abandons 'conventional beauty' in favour of 'honesty and depth over ingratiation', giving us 'an image of female force' possibly unrivalled in the previous history of British art.
The Republican view of Trump may be coming full circle, from contempt to ingratiation and back to contempt.
As an overture, it served as an opening salvo, even a shot across the bow: To be sure, the work challenged any familiar notion of ingratiation as one entered the museum.