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Synonyms for ingratiate

ingratiate yourself with someone


  • get on the right side of
  • court
  • win over
  • flatter
  • pander to
  • crawl to
  • play up to
  • get in with
  • suck up to
  • curry favour with
  • grovel to
  • keep someone sweet
  • kiss someone's ass
  • lick someone's boots
  • fawn to
  • toady to
  • lick someone's arse
  • seek someone's favour
  • brown-nose to
  • rub someone up the right way
  • be a yes man to
  • insinuate yourself with

Words related to ingratiate

gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts

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Reaching the coast of Egypt, Pompey was lured onto the beach by emissaries of the Egyptian monarch Ptolemy, who had decided to have Pompey murdered to ingratiate himself with Caesar.
The ancient Egyptian writer Ptahhotep, for example, offered a compendium of advice about how to ingratiate yourself with the Pharaoh, including this memorable admonition: "Laugh after he laughs, and it will be very pleasing to his heart.
But while working for the Sforza, he continued to ingratiate himself with Federico Gonzaga; he sent drawings of the castles in Milan and Cremona and let it be known that he would gladly return to work in his native city, even for a quarter of the "goodly provisions" paid by the Duke of Milan (67, doc.
Anne comes into close contact with Stephen when he is sick with a fever and lying in filth; when he is well, he does little to ingratiate himself with her, since he spends half the time they are together railing at the English oppressors of Ireland.
Throbbing with impatience As if to ingratiate itself.
The 22-year-old looks set to make a splash of her wealth in Hollywood with a dazzling party to ingratiate herself with the A-list celebrities.
I doubt that even the so-called 'new politics' will be similarly generous in allowing Coun Stone to ingratiate himself back into a political career, though.
Now, in an attempt to ingratiate itself to the locals, someone has decided a beer festival is the answer.
Spokesman Rupert Adams said: "We thought Suzie would want to ingratiate herself with the public by nominating Grace.
Given the French people have blockaded sea ports and suchlike over what we would consider very trivial problems you can be sure that had their Government supported Tony Blair in his mad dash to ingratiate himself with George Bush, then the entire French nation would have ground to a halt.
With such cooperation, Syria was hoping to ingratiate itself with Washington.
So Conrad offered his talents in the cooking department and would peel and chop garlic for hours on end in order to ingratiate himself with the fellas.
Nor are they enlightened or inspired by insults to both our country and its leadership tossed around in a sad attempt to ingratiate the writer with his new Parisian acquaintances.
Well no, but she, Kate Vernon, starts to ingratiate herself with the mum and the dead man's brother.
Annie Nathan Meyer's Black Souls (composed of six long scenes), set on the campus of a black college where the black president must ingratiate himself to white patrons, resonates with the Tuskegee enterprise but departs from it as the daughter of the likeliest philanthropist, a white senator, pursues the president's black brother-in-law (they had previously met in France).