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Synonyms for ingratiate

ingratiate yourself with someone


  • get on the right side of
  • court
  • win over
  • flatter
  • pander to
  • crawl to
  • play up to
  • get in with
  • suck up to
  • curry favour with
  • grovel to
  • keep someone sweet
  • kiss someone's ass
  • lick someone's boots
  • fawn to
  • toady to
  • lick someone's arse
  • seek someone's favour
  • brown-nose to
  • rub someone up the right way
  • be a yes man to
  • insinuate yourself with

Words related to ingratiate

gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts

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When Beaver tries to move to the river bank, Elephant and Pig give him a cold welcome--Beaver is a stranger, and to them, an intruder, despite his attempts to introduce and ingratiate himself.
Some aristocratic British neighbors, whose daughter also died in the epidemic, persuade Rachel to impersonate their daughter and return to England to ingratiate herself and themselves with a wealthy dying grandfather.
So I racked my brain working my fingers to the bone, got down on my hands and knees, and came up with a list of contract items the Democrats can use to ingratiate themselves with their supposed base.
His personal assets--a keen wit, powerful intellect, decisiveness, and an athletic physique hardened by years of discipline--won him instant allegiance among the men he commanded and allowed him to ingratiate himself with the masses.
It was a low-down, weaselly move by a man Maggie trusted and who, when she was in power, would have been the first to bow, scrape and ingratiate himself.
Next time the Labour bigwigs feel the need to ingratiate themselves with the sporting glitterati they might try actual winners - like Sam Torrance's Ryder Cup heroes.
His theme was that insincere praise is really the best kind of all--because it shows how desperately someone wants to ingratiate himself.
But while working for the Sforza, he continued to ingratiate himself with Federico Gonzaga; he sent drawings of the castles in Milan and Cremona and let it be known that he would gladly return to work in his native city, even for a quarter of the "goodly provisions" paid by the Duke of Milan (67, doc.
This president is learning every trick he can to restore affections and ingratiate himself with the citizenry that employs him.
Anne comes into close contact with Stephen when he is sick with a fever and lying in filth; when he is well, he does little to ingratiate himself with her, since he spends half the time they are together railing at the English oppressors of Ireland.
Throbbing with impatience As if to ingratiate itself.
Textbook writers from the education ministry's home office on Arroceros Street and later in Palacio del Gobernador in Intramuros (where the Commission on Elections' office is now located) were reportedly afraid to defy the order to include the Marcoses in the roster of heroes of the Philippines, while others readily agreed to the project to ingratiate themselves to the Palace occupant.
Such trips see our elected leaders ingratiate themselves with the pleasures of this world at the expense of the taxpayer.