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a person who shows no gratitude

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He has complained that hurricane victims "want everything to be done for them" and called officials who were critical of the lack of federal assistance "politically motivated ingrates," singling out the mayor of San Juan for particular opprobrium - "such poor leadership ability.
Trump's salvo of tweets on Thursday as the island struggled with devastation suggesting people were ingrates responsible for much of their suffering set a new low, even meaner than his usual harangues and self-aggrandisement.
Far from ingrates, the Senate has expressed its support to the PNP by not only approving, year in and year out, a higher budget for the PNP, but adds more to what it requests--such as this year, when it unilaterally and unanimously added P5.
Earli on Sunday Trump dismissed those who questioned his administration's commitment to rebuilding Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria as "politically motivated ingrates.
Yesterday, Cole (left) was joined in the pantheon of great footballing ingrates by Manchester City's Yaya Toure.
The worst are ingrates who, far from being repentant, try to cast blame on their benefactors for being so selfish as to expect any response to their generosity.
His rant at two moaning ingrates towards the end of the opening episode - "Which is it - 'help, thank you, airport', or 'rude ***s, no help, walking'?
I realise I say that like the majority of people aren't; that there's a whole army of ingrates out there going 'kindness?
Seriati names those present as daughter Cyrine and her husband Mabrouk, daughter Ghazwa accompanied by spouse Zarrouk, conjuring a scene very reminiscent of the King Lear opening where father is surrounded by ingrates.
One is how a bathroom stall is identified for handicap use, and the other is the inconsiderate ingrates who are not entitled to use such facilities and do anyway.
We are a nation of ingrates which has never accepted Tory rule and are always moaning that we get too few scraps in the begging bowl.
She did her best to sound keen as two contestants cooked dinner for a bunch of grumpy ingrates hauled in off the streets.
ANY visitor reading the letters pages of the Evening Chronicle might well conclude that we Geordies are a meanspirited, begrudging, cynical bunch of ingrates.
Of course, there will always be some ingrates who may remark on the limited amount of the goodies.