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Synonyms for ingrate

a person who shows no gratitude

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I say this proudly, but with tears in my eyes -- for the firm proved themselves the basest of ingrates. The little account, about which we quarreled and finally parted, cannot, in any item, be thought overcharged, by gentlemen really conversant with the nature of the business.
Dogs' meandering plot traces the quest of its lesbian protagonist Lidia to "disconnect" from the "mutual family narrative" that paints her a selfish ingrate, her brother Danilo a crybaby loser.
Some lawmakers are opposed to Cayetano's ascent as next speaker because he is viewed as an ingrate to his political patrons.
Let her know on Twitter: @larajkilner Remind me to look up 'ingrate' when we get home Those kids aren't even paying us any attention Can I play on the iPad?
Perhaps in the fitness of things, PIA should change its slogan (pun intended) to: 'Ingrate people to fly with'.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tropics 9 Essay 10 Mimic 11 Ingrate 12 Nan 13 Superman 16 Porridge 17 Rye 19 Swahili 21 Levee 22 Oomph 23 Clearer.
'While currently at liberty after posting bail,' Panelo said 'Trillanes must still come to grips with the criminal transgressions he committed as an ingrate and renegade military officer.'
But Panelo said that the senator "must still come to grips with the criminal transgressions he committed as an ingrate and renegade military officer.
He said the former Kedah menteri besar was also an ingrate because he has enjoyed a good life in Malaysia.
La Republique n'est pas ingrate La Republique n'est pas oublieuse, encore moins ingrate.
Syrian officials described Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir as an ingrate for not returning the favor of backing him in his row with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2008.
Les barbus m'ont dit: La femme est un etre infame Un etre sans coeur, sans ame Impure et ingrate Stupide et arrogante Possedee par le diable Femelle cannibale Qui etouffe son male Et l'avale Elle merite le bucher Et l'autodafe!