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  • verb

Synonyms for ingrain

to implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible

Synonyms for ingrain

thoroughly work in


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produce or try to produce a vivid impression of

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Although he had enough in personal savings to cover the initial fee (which ranged from $4,575 to $9,800), Ingrain applied for CmiseOne's new "Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General" program, which offered free franchises to five veterans of any of the branches of the U.S.
Houston, TX, April 09, 2013 --( Digital rock physics company Ingrain, Inc.
The images generated by these electron microscopes will be analysed using technology from Ingrain to better rock properties and resource locations.
Liliana George From Estee Lauder Companies will show how brands like Aveda can ingrain sustainability into their corporate DNA.
In his introductory material, Ingrain relies heavily on Alfred North Whitehead for the language of process, which Ingrain sees as fundamental, not only to human experience but also to the nature of reality.
The subtitle of the book is "Global Oil Terrorism." Two companies, Ingrain Energy and Narumi Energy, are at loggerheads for a contract to build a refinery in India that will process oil from Russia.
Ingrain Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti LLP has renewed its 20,000 s/f lease at 250 Park Avenue and Reitler Kailas & Rosenbtatt LLC has subleased a full floor at 885 Third Avenue, reports Gordon Ogden and Tom Murray of Byrnam Wood LLC which represented both firms in the transactions.
Asked about those figures, Dale Ingrain, a spokesman for the nonprofit, said, "We have no numbers now.
On hand for the event in the photo below are, back row, from left, John Smith, Dennis Ledonne, Robert Bruno, Bobby Jones, Joseph Moscioni; row three, from left, Fusco Louis, Jakob Ntellas, Thomas Ingrain, Samuel Mantilla, James Barnett, Anthony Morro, Barry Berger; row 2, from left, Carmel Lumia, Thomas Healy, NSO Charles Musante, Francis Donohue; and front row, NSO Tony Ntellas.
"We really feel we need to ingrain the conservation issues in young people."
Seafood department manager Justin Murchison said Ingrain mainly seemed "fine" when he came in, but "he had gotten back from vacation with his family and came back to work this week.
Sponsors are Literally Speaking Publishing House, HarperCollins Publishers, Kensington Book Publishing Group, Moody Publishers, Ingrain Book Company, Earl Cox and Associates, Random House/Strivers Row, Time Warner Book Group, Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children and Urban Books.
But we really need to find a way to ingrain safety into our everyday thinking so that it becomes our second nature in all we do.
As the story goes, Rockwell once used a child named Scotty Ingrain as a model for four calendar illustrations.
Through a partnership between ACTE and educational content provider Ingrain, Inc., the website is offering career and technical educators a new resource for help with fulfilling certification renewal requirements.