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metal that is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling

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After the ingot is placed in the furnace, the thermal shock takes effect; typically for several minutes.
This will reportedly help to reduce the cost of ingot production through less consumption of crucibles and energy, and produce higher yield of useful ingots for solar wafers, the company said.
It aims to increase cell capacity from 550 MW to 820 MW; wire saw capacity from 400 MW to 572 MW; and Ingot capacity from 360 MW to 510 MW.
Evidently, the need for reducing the remelting rate in order to increase the quality of the ingot may restrict the application of ESR TC2 ingots of a relatively small weight (possibly 50--60 t).
The company said the deal was Yingli's fourth and largest order of GT Solar's DSS furnaces, which grow multi-crystalline ingots up to 450 kg.
SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of solar cells and solar panels, has signed a silicon ingot supply agreement for 2007 with REC SiTech AS.
Rik Kohn, with The Federal Metal Co., a Bedford, Ohio-based brass and bronze ingot manufacturing company, looks at the current prices being paid for copper scrap and asks a question few do: Have the copper market's dynamics permanently changed, with higher prices being the norm?
Technical sales director, John Titley: 'The standard zinc ingot feeder has been in use for more than 25 years, and was designed for single and small quantity feeder mechanisms of the day.
After cooling, they broke the crucibles to remove puck-shaped glass ingots.
The ingot slicers wore smocks, but they had no special breathing gear despite poor ventilation.
Redled filed an antitrust suit alleging price fixing by its five largest customers, which it said conspired to fix and hold down the prices they were paying Redled for lead ingot. Redled retained a firm of consulting economists to prepare testimony, including a damage study.
Mechanical properties of forged strand-cast steels are comparable to properties from billets produced from ingot casting.
Iran's aluminium ingot production capacity stands at 487,000 tons per year.
The volume of aluminum ingot production at the country's three smelters -- Iranian Aluminum Company (IRALCO), the Al-Mahdi Aluminum Corporation (C), and Hormozal -- reached 149,307 tons during the five-month period.
Lee said at the groundbreaking ceremony: "ACC is one of the few manufacturers in the solar industrial chain equipped with M.Setek's high-quality polysilicon manufacturing technology, which can provide the total solution including polysilicon, ingot, and wafer to customers.