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to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach


to take (food) into the body as nourishment

Synonyms for ingest

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Its transcoding of video content, however, has been variable, with better results often being achieved by transcoding the content using a third-party application such as Adobe Media Encoder prior to ingest, then selecting the Skip Transcoding option during the ingest process.
This can be input using a Web-based form when creating an Item via the Web interface, or can be included in the manifest file, if utilizing batch ingest.
Different Omneon servers were deployed across the chain including its Media Deck for ingest, Media Grid for post and Spectrum for on-air.
The channel's HD content may be delivered on hard drives, tapes, or as files but the VPMS converts it to the house format during ingest.
As the production step preceding ingest, the programme planner also decides which content should be broadcast and at what time.
It makes no difference whether the requested material is on tapes, external hard-drives or on other mobile storage media because the ingest technology is equipped for every type of medium, such as tape, file or feed ingest.
What this means for the concrete ingest process is that the programme planner first sends the material request to the VPMS media asset management system.
But as a special feature, not only is the original high-res data transcoded and ingest in XDCAM HD 50 Mbit/s, a proxy file in MPEG4 with H.
Once the material has been transcoded, ingest and sent to a central storage unit, VPMS again takes control and initialises a quality check of the data.
With its revolutionary server architecture, the Broadbus B-1 is ideally suited to address the content ingest and propagation issues created by today's advanced video services.
One of the by-products of true decoupling is the massive ingest requirement created when storage is removed from the server," said Broadbus' Binder.
De-coupling is easy; re-coupling or ingest is the difficult part," he added.
The software manages all ingest, storage and streaming activities and maintains an active database of configuration profiles and status, alarm, stream and content statistics.
Massive ingest capacity - The B-1 can ingest a virtually
Broadbus develops fully scalable, next-generation VOD server systems designed to solve streaming scale, space, power consumption and live ingest issues for cable system operators deploying advanced video services such as Video-on-Demand (VOD), Subscription VOD, and ultimately, full-scale Television-on-Demand, including its own TOD(R) service.