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an act of swallowing


Synonyms for ingestion

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The AVMA said an animal's ingestion of THC can cause vomiting, incoordination, depression, sleepiness or excitation, low blood pressure, low body temperature and seizures.
According to the study, the largest source of plastic ingestion is drinking water with plastic found in water (groundwater, surface water, tap water and bottled water) all over the world.
The annual estimated ingestion of plastic particles for boys and girls are 75,000 and 64,000.
(4), dental foreign bodies accounted for 3.6%-27.7% of all foreign bodies ingested or aspirated, with ingestion being more prevalent than aspiration.
Ingestion was due to a suicide attempt in 74% (46/62) patients and accidental in 24% (15/62) patients and homicidal in 2% (1/62) patients.
After 5 days of monitored lithium ingestion serial serum samples of patients in study were collected with the consent of the individuals.
In their experience, inexplicable hypoglycemia in a healthy individual who lives in a household with someone who has diabetes is due to ingestion of a hypoglycemic agent until proven otherwise.
For the 4-5 hours between ingestion and the unresponsive episode, the child had been at daycare and staff reported she had been acting normally for her.
ingestion, inhalation and whole body from water sources were computed as 0.007402 +- 0.00073, 0.08451 +- 0.0082 and 0.09155 +- 0.00883 mSv per annum, respectively.
Meanwhile, two fireworks ingestion cases were from NCR.
'Altogether 585 children under the age of 13 visited The Royal Hospital following FB ingestion.'
Accidental foreign body (FB) ingestion in children is a common problem in any pediatric emergency department (ED).
Foreign body (FB) ingestion is one of the most common complaint in the emergency room and, extra-intestinal migration of penetrating sharp FBs is one of the most overlooked aspect of medical research.
The researchers found that these elevated concentrations were likely related to regular ingestion of TTM that contains Hg.