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the quality of innocent naivete

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Seymour Delafield," said Charlotte, raising her mild eyes to the face of her mother, and smiling, as she delicately pared her apple, with a simple ingenuousness that banished uneasiness from the breast of her parent in an instant.
Through the ingenuousness of her age beamed an ardent mind, not of the woman, but of the poet.
Blunt, with an almost youthful ingenuousness, and in those black eyes which looked at me so calmly there was a flash of the Southern beauty, still naive and romantic, as if altogether untouched by experience.
replied the prince, smiling at the ingenuousness of this little feeler.
Powell, must have been obviously predestined to add his native ingenuousness to the sum of all the others carried by the honest ship Ferndale.
Nor did his blushes and awkwardness take away from it: she was pleased with these healthy tokens of the young gentleman's ingenuousness.
Han has become a variety program regular on Korean television, entertaining viewers with his easygoing demeanor and schoolboy ingenuousness.
It's not surprising that Andersen is fascinated by Walt Disney, whose ingenuousness was inseparable from his flimflammery.
33) Building upon Starrs insight into Defoe's use of the "poor innocent Boy" persona in Colonel Jack, Geoffrey Sill argues that within the novel's "transformational" and "reformist" impulse, Jack's ingenuousness conveys the belief in "youth as a defense against the philistinism of adulthood.
Amy wrote: "Education and morals have made considerable progress in Darlaston (1900), but the reign of ignorance was perhaps more prominent here owing to the ingenuousness of the people who made every effort concealing the fact but innocently paraded their feelings to the world.
Upritchard, a New Zealander, has lived in London since 1998, developing a practice that slips between hippieish ingenuousness about the Arcadian promises of "other" cultures and a knowing, postcolonial irony, as evoked by the escape from modern life promised by her luridly psychedelic figures, but also her ability to mimic the often ghoulish world-in-a-box absurdities of European collections like the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, UK, and Peter the Great's Kunstkamera in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Our patients, friends, and communities were fully supportive, and rather amazed by our combination of ingenuousness and courage.
What is more important, however, is the cardinal virtue of creative ingenuousness, called prudence, which coordinates the reason and the will within action, ensuring that in fact action is done, and done well, creatively and in truth.
Ugolino's employment of the diminutive accentuates the young age of the boy whose unsuspecting question reverberates a sense of ingenuousness contrasted with the obvious surroundings of prison.
The appearance of the 2' stop, however, raises questions, and as with the previous points betrays an element of relative ingenuousness.