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the quality of innocent naivete

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Seymour Delafield," said Charlotte, raising her mild eyes to the face of her mother, and smiling, as she delicately pared her apple, with a simple ingenuousness that banished uneasiness from the breast of her parent in an instant.
Through the ingenuousness of her age beamed an ardent mind, not of the woman, but of the poet.
Blunt, with an almost youthful ingenuousness, and in those black eyes which looked at me so calmly there was a flash of the Southern beauty, still naive and romantic, as if altogether untouched by experience.
"No, I'm not married!" replied the prince, smiling at the ingenuousness of this little feeler.
Powell, must have been obviously predestined to add his native ingenuousness to the sum of all the others carried by the honest ship Ferndale.
Nor did his blushes and awkwardness take away from it: she was pleased with these healthy tokens of the young gentleman's ingenuousness.
The uncomplicated sweetness of Paisiello's musical characterization emphasizes Rosina's innocence and ingenuousness as opposed to her cleverness.
The gee-whiz 1950s ingenuousness of the narrator's voice is only, Roth demonstrates, a more extreme version of every reader's own.
But from this episode on, all of the series' and character's ingenuousness was gone.
The appealing Breaker's light touch never falters, deftly offsetting the posturing pretensions of countercultural hipsterism with his character's youthful ingenuousness. Davis also creates a fully-rounded character of enormous warmth and humanity, funny when she assumes "the Negro dialect" on Sunday mornings and intensely moving when she attempts by phone to reconnect with her long-absent son.
Although not a natural-born thespian, the earnest and attentive Kaiser moves on stage with relative ease and his acting reflects a certain endearing ingenuousness. His singing was both stylish and ardent.
An older-looking Sancho tends to emphasize the degree of plain stupidity that characterizes him, while if he's depicted with fewer years on his shoulders we perhaps perceive him more as the victim of youthful ingenuousness. And the precise quantity of "sal en la mollera"?
While there are abundant footnotes, which substantiate statements in the main body of the text and contain a mass of additional sources, and despite the impressive expertise invested in the preparation of the fourteen chapters, wishful thinking and imperceptive, but ingenuousness nonetheless, hopes dominate what should have been meticulous scholarship.
Collins suggests, with sweet ingenuousness, that it might attract broader support if it had a catchier name.