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in an ingenuous manner


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"Well now, no, I haven't," confessed Matthew ingenuously.
"Only this last week, father," said Eppie, ingenuously, "since Aaron talked to me about it."
And then he spoke so ingenuously and sincerely of the sacrifice he made in withdrawing himself for a time from Ada, and of the earnestness with which he aspired--as in thought he always did, I know full well--to repay her love, and to ensure her happiness, and to conquer what was amiss in himself, and to acquire the very soul of decision, that he made my heart ache keenly, sorely.
Observe how ingenuously he underlines certain words, and how crudely he glosses over his hidden thoughts.
." Svidrigailov muttered ingenuously, as though he, too, were puzzled.
The disposition to abuse power, so deeply planted in the human heart, can by no other means be more effectually checked; and it has always therefore struck me as more honorable and many and more in harmony with the character of our People and of our Institutions to deal with the subject of Political Parties in a sincerer and wiser spirit--to recognize their necessity, to give them the credit they deserve, and to devote ourselves to improve and to elevate the principles and objects of our own and to support it ingenuously and faithfully.
His countrymen's insularity was odious to the suppletongued, bilingual Canaris, who, hidden beneath his sombrero, had ingenuously imagined himself unrecognised as he'd toured Spain.
"The government has been focusing on building new institutes, setting up rigorous systems of entry points in job market, but in reality a breed of facilitators is being created who manage to circumvent procedures and check points ingenuously. These masterminds are reckless and work in collusion with the system.
A Rauf Aregbesola who had subjected the state's civil servants to the ingenuously callous novelty of paying workers half salaries for years now, suddenly fanned out August salaries to the workers.
Made in collaboration with the Manhattan design firm Bureau V, the object's milky surface resembled that of poured plastic, but its material is actually high-density MDF, ingenuously manipulated so that one corner rises in a rumpled ridge, as if a mental vibration had been caught in the act of passing through.
Vijayakala, UNP minister from Jaffna, whose husband Mahesweran made a mint during the Eelam conflict and was murdered by the LTTE, ingenuously wanted a return of those very LTTE fascists.
("Then this person is not a true believer," smiles Panayiotis, slightly ingenuously.) Above all, what about freedom of speech?
He built massive pipe organ, outfitting the nave with pipes some ingenuously hidden so that when sounded, the walls itself seemed to sing.
It ingenuously and deceptively, did not identify the non-Jewish communities.
The assessment offered of TLO theory is that it ingenuously elaborates a framework of analysis that is useful to reveal with clarity how norm-making and implementation in the world today follows patterns that cannot be precisely anticipated and may foster the creation of many variations of institutions and policies, with different degrees of practical and conceptual stability and varied degrees of comprehensiveness of given issue areas.