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But I decline Heidegger's gloomy vision, that "the world is darkening," that the gods flee and the earth becomes ingenerate. We have all heard these prophecies, countless times in countless epochs.
Athanasius was faced with Arius' reluctance to name God as the Father, eternally generating the Son, because Arius saw there the affirmation of two ingenerate realities.
This emphasis is found repeatedly in Maximinus' Commentary on the Acts of Aquileia, as when Maximinus remarks approvingly on Palladius' claim that God the Father is the only ingenerate and interprets Arius' confession of one true God, alone ingenerate, alone eternal as meaning that God is ingenerately eternal, ingenerately good, ingenerately immortal, and ingeneratety, invisible.(23) Or again in the Letter of Auxentius on the creed of Ulfilas, where Maximinus notes that Ulfilas knew that the one true God is the one ingenerate.(24) Arguments for the fundamental character of the ingenitus-genitus distinction in the theologies n providing eternal life.
Individuals can experience the effects of ingenerate stagnation, they can have no personal growth over time, and they can have no interest in personal activity and no targets in their life.
Both national security and patriotism are entities with quantifiable expressions and results, but neither is ingenerate or dispassionate, and so neither can rightly be implemented as the standard for judging research efficacy.
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