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request for a sum of money

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"It's probably the single most important thing in our business--ethics and honesty," says Christine Farber, Ingather's owner and president.
She discusses at length Zionist attempts to lure Arab Jews to Zion, including "Operation Magic Carpet" to bring the Jews of Yemen to Israel and "Ali Baba" to ingather the Jews of Iraq.
The long-standing notion of the National Council is meant to ingather all viable political forces opposed to Hizbullah, as he said.
Is it better, Halevi asks through this dialogue, to go to Israel or to stay in exile and ingather souls?
It is God who had given us AndalucE[degrees]a (Al Andalus), and it is God who promised us that we, the exiles, shall ingather in it once again.
The pastor said Israel is the fulfillment of God's "promise to ingather your people in this Promised Land," and he thanked God for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump.
As we realize that the threat of aggression befalling us is one and the same namely that of Zionism and Takfeerism, we must ingather and rally our people about our party since the threat constitutes two sides of the same coin, the MP concluded.
Being targeted by by adversaries necessitates our sticking to national unity and the will to ingather also bolsters Lebanon's ability, Khreiss added.
A major challenge facing us is the dilemma of the Syrian refugees, combating terrorism and lessening the high-pitched discourse in a bid to ingather all political forces under the umbrella of the Bbda Declaration, he stressed.
The Zionist ideal aims higher than mere statehood or middling "normalcy." We've gained independence, ingathered exiles, created high-tech hubs--wonderful.
On the one hand, it has the mythological power to bring into being the image of a new identity, the "new Jew," the ingathered exile, while at the same time erasing the very existence of those who remain outside or are excluded.