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darken with a brownish tinge, as of insect wings

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Forewing hyaline and about apical fourth of wings slightly infuscate, with an infuscated crossband below apical third of marginal vein and stigmal vein, and a cluster of dark bristles below the apex of marginal vein.
Fore wing with two brown bands, one near the middle, the other at the posterior margin; pterostigma yellow; hind wing infuscate (hyaline yellow).
3 of clypeus, tegula and legs yellow-brown; hind leg with coxa and femur predominantly brown, tibia fuscous basally and apically, with broad and pale sub-basal band, tarsus infuscate.
1); legs with coxae reddish brown, trochanters, femora, and tibiae pale, and tarsi infuscate.
Legs ivory; first pair with tarsomeres infuscate; second pair with femur, tibia e tarsi infuscate, third pair with coxa ventrally, trochanter and trochantellus, external margin of femur, tibia ventrally, anteriorly and posteriorly and tarsi infuscate.
Wings: hyaline, except slightly infuscate on marginal cell; veins and pterostigma dark brown.
Pronotum weakly shagreened, with narrowly darkened posterolateral corners; ventral margin of propleuron infuscate.
DISCUSSION: This new species is easily distinguished from congeners exhibiting similar pale green general coloration by the almost completely darkened antennal segment II (basal 1/5-1/2 part infuscate in female) and unique structure of the vesica.
It is characterized by the following features: neck arising high on occiput; head extending obliquely forward with distinct clypeus and gena; wing infuscate with clear spots; fore tarsomere 2 much longer than tarsomere 3 or 4; subepandrial sclerite extended beyond base of clasping cercus (Sinclair 1995; Yang et al.
Wing with costal margin broadly infuscate, lacking distinct infuscation over apex of [R.
2): pale with sparse or dense brown or reddish dots, proximal to costal fracture dots either slightly denser or very dense and resulting in red suffusion, cuneus with proximal crescentshaped area transparent, remaining portion with more or less dense cover of dots, membrane clear and veins pale with area posterior to anal ridge brown, anterior cell and distal portion of posterior cell brown, distal areas of membrane in part infuscate.
Body dark brown to black, with first segment of gaster white to yellow; ovipositor sheaths dark brown; antennal scape yellow to pale brown, pedicel and flagellum infuscate brown; wings hyaline; legs, including coxae, dark brown, with base and apex of mid tibia and hind femur white; basitarsus of hind leg infuscate.
1 Wing membrane deep brown infuscate throughout (Figs 27-29); distiphallus either with narrow, ventrally-directed, lateral spine and two smaller basal spines (Figs 61, 62, indicated with arrows), or with patch of finger-like spinules basally and tuft of hairs submedially (Fig.
1): Body intensely black; appendages golden, except antennal segment 2 infuscate proximally and distally, antennal segments 3 and 4 infuscate, and tarsal segments 1 and 3 infuscate.