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a feeling of intense anger


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As Boro's dominance grew, so did the home fans' infuriation -and Hull's players looked rattled.
"There's that beautiful infuriation. You just want them to sit down, tell each other how they feel and move the relationship forward that way."
He expressed his infuriation by stating that implementation was not being done upon the constitution of the country, further adding that it was not the first time that the constitution was being violated.
The syndicate said it received with "great infuriation" the news about El-Balshy's arrest warrant issued by the general prosecution authorities.
There is widespread infuriation at the slow progress of the inquiry, and there were groans yesterday when Sir John admitted it is unlikely to become public until June or July 2016.
Another infuriation is the constant swapping between decent and believable digital effects, and B-movie, laughably low-budget efforts.
It may be a stroke of genius that the characters themselves are maddening in their own right, leaving readers with a pounding pulse not only from suspense but from infuriation.
Disillusionment at a system which cannot provide jobs to its young and educated has now transcended into infuriation at its helplessness to afford safety to its womenfolk.
Mr Cunningham said: "I very much appreciate the infuriation of fans of the football club.
So it is apparent that the employees of these banks are experiencing noise related infuriation. Such noise pollution is steadily growing in the public offices of developing countries like India.
In the SQ, used to measure anger, the terms anger and hostility are interchangeable, referring to irritability, annoyance, hatefulness, fury, hot temper, infuriation and rage, belligerence, and resentfulness (Kellner, 1987).
This might be to the eternal infuriation of clubs who believe the media should sit back and await a formal announcement rather than pursuing the story.
With the publication of Everyman in 2006, Exit Ghost in 2007, Indignation in 2008, The Humbling in 2009, and Nemesis in 2010, Roth carries us, in a breathless, headlong rush, to what might be described as the center of the maelstrom, the epicenter of confusion, infuriation, havoc, defeat, and, indeed, indignation.
The recent speculations of postponing the May elections have only added to this infuriation.