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Synonyms for infuriate



Synonyms for infuriate

to cause to feel or show anger

Synonyms for infuriate

make furious

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He could be infuriatingly inconsistent but at the age of 20, surely he had potential and was worth persevering with.
He writes infuriatingly without footnotes and can be rather vague when it comes to dates.
We hear so much about the Parents Television Council complaining to the FCC and ranting about this or that naughty word, or wanting to take TV back to the way it was in 1955, most of which is infuriatingly infantile,'' Thompson said.
James Smethurst's "Something Warmly, Infuriatingly Feminine" contrasts the neomodernism of Invisible Man against stereotypical mass cultural images of women, black and white.
Blunkett ignores legitimate concerns expressed by experienced select committees of MPs, and tells us in his infuriatingly smug way how we will all be enjoying the benefits of this marvellous new technology in a few years' time.
Their infuriatingly fussy director, Theseus (Oberon in Act 2), has chosen that moment to announce that it is time for his own love, the prima ballerina Hippolyta (Titania), to leave the stage, thus laying the seeds for the "Dream" sequence's dispute.
For bonus points, Underdog includes the Canadian use of the term "harsh," which, in Canada, means at times both good and bad, which is infuriatingly confusing for folks south of their border.
At the beginning of this story, Tottie seems infuriatingly petty and critical--even her friends don't understand why she is so nasty to Zach.
The left, on the other hand, can be infuriatingly strident and self-righteous, and too often adopts a never-compromise stance even when compromise makes sense, as former Medicare director Nancy-Ann DeParle points out is the case with getting prescription drugs included under Medicare--it is certainly arguable that it is better to get a law on the books that can be improved later than to get nothing at all.
I remember all too well the infuriatingly bad design, short-sighted engineering and--last, but certainly not least--the effectively meaningless signage that virtually guaranteed long sessions with a map at roadside rest areas or in restaurant parking lots.
In more than one sense, this brings us to the mature Clement Greenberg: supercilious, snotty, infuriating, and infuriatingly right about almost everything.
Nevertheless, many of his letters have survived: they are invariably lively, funny and 'skurril'; sycophantic and aggressive; ingratiating and infuriatingly egotistical - but above all informative.
By turns hauntingly lucid and infuriatingly opaque, In the Shadow of the American Dream is taken from the artist's 31 extant journals from 1971 until 1991, a year before his death from AIDS-related complications.
Never mind that the infuriatingly clogged traffic on nearby Routes 1 and 27 hardly heralds the start of a new Okie exodus (even if it signals a downtum in local quality of life).
It's hard to imagine what an infuriatingly rigid Marxist does to win the title, aside from demanding that everyone commit the Eighteenth Brumaire to memory.