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the fruiting stage of the inflorescence

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The relationship between the initial number and the number of Attalea geraensis seeds predated per infructescence. Continuous line describes the log-log regression indicating positive density-dependence.
The two trees were approximately 8 m tall, and each of their branches had one or two developed infructescences. We observed one male D.
The number of verticillasters increased as the length of the infructescence stalk increased (Fig.
Infructescence pendulous, the peduncle recurved--Astrocaryum standleyanum
Since the seeds of Pilea pumila are extremely small and their maturation is relatively synchronous, the number of nodes with infructescences of each individual were counted and then harvested 120 d after planting (8 October 1995) and infructescence mass was determined.
The process required 5-10 sec per infructescence. Because of foliage and the three-dimensional arrangement of fruits on an infructescence, it was impossible to spray all fruits evenly.
The infructescence is enormous, although it usually bears only four to eight fruit, as each fruit weighs between 22 and 33 lb (10 and 15 kg).
Estimates of dispersal distances for plants bearing wind-dispersed seeds often depended on combining a measured rate of fall with typical infructescence heights and assumed wind speeds.
[These measurements were relatively easily done, given the large size of the seeds (3 cm in diameter) and the low and constant number of seeds per infructescence (ca.
Moreover, as pointed out by Clarke and Merlin (2013), when allowed to go to seed the infructescences are so crowded that natural seed dispersal is very limited (the seeds mostly remain within the infructescence), and consequently Group 4 seems to have very limited capacity to escape to the wild.
To test for the relationship of healthy, PD and TD infructescence number with architectural parameters, data were log-transformed and fit into a multiple stepwise regression analysis after checking for colinearity.
Ceroxylon Ceroxylon peruvianum echinulatum Trunk 9-12 12-20 height (m) Length of 25-60 70-75 petiole (cm) Pinnae In groups Regular insertion Pinnae In several planes In one plane and orientation notoriously pendulous Length of 63-76 72-106 middle pinnae (cm) Length of 62-90 114-166 peduncle of the infructescence (cm) Petals of Ovate-lanceolate, 4-7 Triangular-alesnate, 6,5 - 8 staminate flowers (mm) Number of 12-15 9-12 stamens Table 2.
The infructescence has the radial symmetry and large fruits typical of Werauhia species (Figure 4).
In the fine-scale analysis of the effect of anthracnose on fruit production, the number of fruits per infructescence and the proportion of infected subtending leaves were averaged within trees.