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the fruiting stage of the inflorescence

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In this case, the reduced production of higher-order shoots in CD plants (strong determinants of infructescence production) compared to CE plants supports the idea that plants under shade show limited reproductive output (Bedetti et ah, 2011).
The number of verticillasters increased as the length of the infructescence stalk increased (Fig.
Caespitose, stemmed palms; stem heavily armed at the internodes, spines falling with the age; sheaths of the dead leaves not persistent on the stem; spines on the petiole not arranged in parallel rows; infructescence pendulous; petals of the staminate flower reflexed --Astrocaryum aculeatissimum
This was accomplished by multiplying the mass of harvested infructescences by the slope of the regression of seed mass on infructescence mass (0.
Unfortunately, during my two years living and working in Panama (February 1999 to April 2001), I only ever found old infructescences and one half-eaten pale yellow flower, which is not enough to be certain of their identity.
In the fine-scale analysis of the effect of anthracnose on fruit production, the number of fruits per infructescence and the proportion of infected subtending leaves were averaged within trees.
5 m tall bamboo stick to which we attached one artificial infructescence resembling those of P.
3) Finally, artificial damage increased infructescence abortion for infructescences produced from the selfed pollination treatment but did not affect infructescences produced from the outcrossed pollination treatment.
In this study, I examined the annual species, Cosmos bipinnatus (Compositae), testing the hypothesis that sequential flowering enables individuals to compensate for early seed predation by increasing seed production in later infructescences, increasing infructescence number, and/or shortening the time needed to produce later infructescences.
Comparative infructescence morphology in Altingia (Altingiaceae) and discordance between morphological and molecular phylogenies.
Seeds have no specialized structures for dispersal, and most fall with the infructescence, lodging within [approximately]1 m of the adult plant (Inouye and Taylor 1980, Wied 1996).
Spikes in longest infructescence per specimen, number: [greater than or equal to]5 (0), 2-5 (1), 1 (2) 3.
Revised description: Infructescence with elliptic subsessile
this analysis, both have thick, succulent infructescence axes