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Synonyms for infringe

infringe on or upon something

Synonyms for infringe

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for infringe

go against, as of rules and laws

advance beyond the usual limit

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exchanging information related to trade of products that infringes the intellectual property rights with other focal points that are located in member states;
In a filing Saturday, Apple said it was not asking the court to bar entire product lines from the marketplace, but for an injunction that proposes to stop Samsung from further use of the specific features that the jury found to infringe Apple's three patents, and those features not more than "colorably different."
At the beginning of the week, Kodak sued Apple and HTC Corporation claiming some of their smartphones, tablets and other devices infringe Kodak patents related to transmitting images.
The ITC determined that Cross Match's asserted patents were all valid and enforceable and it issued a limited exclusion order barring entry into the United States of Suprema's biometric scanning devices, components and associated software that infringe certain claims of Cross Match patents covering hardware and software directed to advanced biometric technologies.
In this complaint, AUO alleged that Sharp infringes at least the following patents: US Patent Nos.
The Court also found that NPWT products marketed by Smith & Nephew plc (EoACA[pounds sterling]SNNEoACA[yen]) infringe one of the patents.
We are confident that no Intuit or MMV (Mobile Money Ventures) technologies we supply infringe on MShift's patent, and we firmly believe that MShift's lawsuit lacks merit.
law section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 by the unlawful importation and sale of microphone packages that infringe Knowles' U.S.
The court ruled that LI infringed the H2 patent (although LI stated that its techniques no longer did so) but LI's H1 techniques did not infringe. This was an interim judgement and a formal trial date had yet to be set.
The Court of Appeals upheld the District Court's decision that J&J's Bx Velocity and Cypher Stent Systems infringe Boston Scientific's patent and that the patent is valid.
The six patents that SiRF was found to infringe are United States patents 6,417,801; 6,937,187; 6,606,346; 7,158,080; 6,704,651; and 6,651,000 -- relating to extended ephemeris assistance (Long Term Orbits), calculating time in GPS receivers, enhancing sensitivity in assisted GPS systems, and implementing hardware structures for parallel correlation.
Freedom accuses the companies of knowingly and willfully infringing and continuing to infringe on Freedom's patents ('067, '067, '823, '823 and '851) related to secure cellular telecommunications systems delivering prepaid calling services.
Chan Li Machinery agreed to immediately stop the manufacture, sale, and worldwide export of tissue roll converting machinery lines (model 400CL Rewinder, model 168H Log Saw and Tail Sealers) asserted to infringe Fabio Perini's patents and has agreed for the future not to manufacture, sell and export any different tissue converting machinery infringing Fabio Perini's intellectual property.
Universal Studios case that providers of a product or service that could be used to infringe copyright protections weren't liable so long as their product or service also had "substantial noninfringing uses," the Supreme Court found that Grokster and StreamCast--makers of the Morpheus file-sharing service--profited from promotion of their products as allowing illegal file-sharing, and that the firms didn't take reasonable steps to reduce infringing uses.
In 1990, the Supreme Court issued a decision essentially overturning Sherbert and Yoder, concluding that the Constitution did not require government to prove a compelling interest in laws that infringe, even substantially, on religious freedom.