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Synonyms for infrequent

Synonyms for infrequent

rarely occurring or appearing

Antonyms for infrequent

not frequent

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After he had thrown himself for a few minutes to and fro convulsively on his bed, his nerveless arms fell quietly down; his head lay languidly on his pillow; his limbs, exhausted with excessive emotion, still trembled occasionally, agitated by muscular contractions; while from his breast faint and infrequent sighs still issued.
When the drawing-room door opened and Dorothea entered, there was a sort of contrast not infrequent in country life when the habits of the different ranks were less blent than now.
It is at such times that the black lions of the forest take their greatest toll from the herds, and it is infrequent that a lion attempts to enter the corrals at night.
The men rode and ran by turn, and the dogs were kept on the jump, with but infrequent stoppages.
This was made evident, one day, when a political procession, with hundreds of flaunting banners, and drums, fifes, clarions, and cymbals, reverberating between the rows of buildings, marched all through town, and trailed its length of trampling footsteps, and most infrequent uproar, past the ordinarily quiet House of the Seven Gables.
The sobs became more and more infrequent, and at least ceased.
The person whom he had now encountered was the physician, Doctor Clarke, the duties of whose sad profession had led him to the Province House, where he was an infrequent guest in more prosperous times.
It was a dark summer night, shot through with infrequent shimmers of lightning silently firing a cloud lying low in the west and portending a storm.
The current definition of eligibility does not require a person to be bedridden, but that his or her condition is such that there is a "normal inability to leave home, and consequently, leaving home would require a considerable and taxing effort." Absences from home that will not disqualify someone from services include those that "are infrequent or for periods of relatively short duration, or are attributable to receive healthcare treatment, attend adult day centers to receive medical care, outpatient kidney dialysis, chemo, or radiation therapies."
When we flew out that day it was surreal because all you heard were military call signs-'Reach,' 'Gunslinger,' 'Fighter this' and 'Viper that'--and even they were infrequent. You wouldn't hear anybody on the radio for 10 minutes.
Although relative rates of lactic acidosis have not been assessed in prospective well-controlled trials, longitudinal cohort and retrospective studies suggest that this infrequent event may be more often associated with antiretroviral combinations containing stavudine.
And though she had only infrequent contact with her father after her parents divorced in 1958, Lorian recalls that during one phone call her father uncomfortably tried to broach the subject of wanting to have a sex change operation.
I also thank the other members of the staff for their support and understanding, as well as their not infrequent forbearance.
As for family visits, they are usually infrequent or short and strained.
Some years ago, Francois Billacois argued that Renaissance duelling was highly place specific, epidemic in France but fairly infrequent in other countries.