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noteworthy scarcity

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referred to as the Psychopathology Infrequency scale, often denoted as
The authority has come under fire from locals in Bangor who claim lives are being put at risk because of the infrequency the grass is cut.
Laser cooled atomic samples have resulted in profound improvements infrequency metrology however the technology is typically complex and bulky.
Roflumilast was the first novel therapy for COPD in almost 20 years, which demonstrates the infrequency at which first-in-class products enter the COPD market.
1 per game - and could hardly be blamed for the infrequency of international football in the 1920s.
Of the GRISS subscales, mindfulness accounted for a significant proportion of the variance in infrequency (F(5, 681) = 6.
MOBILE phones are now so widely used that my home landline rings with such infrequency these days that when it does, I usually take a few moments to recognise its urgent and pleading tone.
But, while there was a host of proposed legislation that would have addressed some of the biggest problems (or perceived problems) -- an overabundance of demand letters, the infrequency of fee-shifting and more -- those bills fizzled out.
Some Lake Avenue area residents said they heard a boat on the water overnight, which was noticeable, they said, because of the infrequency of motor boat traffic on the lake after dark.
Table 2 suggests that the most substantial reason for book reading infrequency was preference for other recreational pursuits, with the majority of respondents (78%) agreeing with the statement, 'I would rather do other things with my free time'.
According to university meteorologist Thomas Duemmel, the steeper price attached to anticyclones is due to their infrequency compared to low-pressure storms; anticyclones occur approximately 50 times a years compared to 150-160 storms anually.
Evans further says that the NCRB's larger rate-increase requests stem from the infrequency of filings.
He concludes that the narrative problem of representing the future in an ecclesiastical setting was hard to surmount and explains the relative infrequency of sermons on the subject.
Do I really believe the testing is necessary, given the infrequency of cystic fibrosis among low-risk women?
The infrequency of Mata's appearances comes after a summer where his future at Chelsea, following the re-appointment of Mourinho, was called into question after United briefed press during pre-season claiming the Blues had offered the midfielder as part of a deal to sign Wayne Rooney.