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in an informative manner

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They are the best source of information to answer any questions you may have, directly and informatively.
My friends and I have enjoyed reading Mr Bennett's letters and have always been impressed by the way he informatively answers points made by other readers.
These broadcasts delivered the same upbeat message directly into millions of homes throughout the UK--namely that Stem learning doesn't have to come from textbooks, it can be imaginatively and informatively hands-on.
The text guides the readers to where we are today, encouraging them to analyze past methodology while concurrently giving them the tools to informatively evaluate the collective "global future.
Bradford-based Advanced Dynamics believes that its new labelling equipment will revolution jar and bottle labelling in the UK, prove attractive to food producers by saving them money and help satisfy the demand from regulators, retailers and consumers for informatively labelled and attractively presented products.
Archaeology is a specialist field but in seeking to turn it into a money-spinner for Bulgaria, those in charge of the country's many sites must learn to speak the language of the lay person, plainly but also accurately and informatively.
The informative emptiness of the global CA (there) of the TC, as opposed to the presence of an informatively full local CA, is the defining feature of the construction.
All enquiries about the menu were informatively dealt with.
The cee'd range offers a three-tiered line-up badged informatively - 1, 2 and 3.
The cee'd range offers a three-tiered line-up badged informatively - 1, 2 and 3 - with the model I tested benefiting from Bluetooth and iPod connectivity as well as a high-quality six-speaker sound system, body-coloured electric and heated door mirrors, air conditioning, electric front windows, rear cup holders and an armrest on the front centre storage box.
Reaching back to America's first stageworthy native-born dramatists of the late 18th century (Royall Tyler and William Dunlap), then skittering informatively through the 19th (William Gillette and Bronson Howard), the book eventually reenters the 20th century with fresh perspectives on the in ward-looking and more mercurial dramatists (Stein, Williams, Thornton Wilder, Jane Bowles, Edward Albee, Wallace Shawn) that ultimately obsess Robinson.
Editor Meg Taylor let an occasional typographical error and garbled Czech diacritical slip through, but otherwise, the book is attractively bound and printed with informatively captioned photographs adorning almost every page.
WHAT an enjoyable evening at the Town Hall on Thursday, January 8 at the Kirklees Volunteer awards ceremony, hosted by ITV broadcaster Nina Hossain, who kept the evening running smoothly and informatively.
The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing" by Richard Kradin informatively considers how the various elements involved in evoking placebo responses overlap with interpersonal dynamics, considering the effects caregivers can have on placebo response patterns.
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