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A case in point is Toby Driver's Pembrokeshire: Historic Landscapes from the Air, a dramatic photographic revelation of the peninsula's peninsulated landscape, informatively written.
Founded in 1983, City Index is a spread betting provider dedicated to providing their clients with educational online training and seminars on a regular basis to trade more informatively and with greater success.
The opening sections provide an informatively descriptive introduction to organized criminal enterprises such as La Cosa Nostra, the Irish Mob, and 'Kosher Nostra'.
Archaeology is a specialist field but in seeking to turn it into a money-spinner for Bulgaria, those in charge of the country's many sites must learn to speak the language of the lay person, plainly but also accurately and informatively.
All enquiries about the menu were informatively dealt with.
What the above means is that I am tackling a subject that I know well, and that I am closely related to Egyptian policy and thus I write informatively, and not like when an Israeli fabricates in order to slander President Mubarak and turn the Egyptian people against him.
The cee'd range offers a three-tiered line-up badged informatively - 1, 2 and 3 - with the model I tested benefiting from Bluetooth and iPod connectivity as well as a high-quality six-speaker sound system, body-coloured electric and heated door mirrors, air conditioning, electric front windows, rear cup holders and an armrest on the front centre storage box.
The result is a work of reference of permanent value, in which 91 items have been informatively drawn and admirably illustrated by colour photographs, carefully described, and perceptively analysed.
Editor Meg Taylor let an occasional typographical error and garbled Czech diacritical slip through, but otherwise, the book is attractively bound and printed with informatively captioned photographs adorning almost every page.
The New Cold War of Edward Lucas is another contribution to the contemporary literature field of current Russian policy, but it brings innovation in expressing the ideas simply, clearly, and informatively, which on the other hand excludes it, to a certain extent, from being an academic book, but worth reading nonetheless for anyone interested in understanding the ongoing situations.
In my opinion, Unitil should have been more aware of what could go `wrong' and should have been able to better handle its communications about the severity of the storm, the length of outage restoration, and communicate more informatively and effectively with its customers and public officials," she testified.
WHAT an enjoyable evening at the Town Hall on Thursday, January 8 at the Kirklees Volunteer awards ceremony, hosted by ITV broadcaster Nina Hossain, who kept the evening running smoothly and informatively.
Usefully and informatively, Hutson frames her project, which is essentially an exercise in epistemology, within current critical theory and practice, contextualizing both her methodologies and her conclusions.
The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing" by Richard Kradin informatively considers how the various elements involved in evoking placebo responses overlap with interpersonal dynamics, considering the effects caregivers can have on placebo response patterns.
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