information warfare

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the use of information or information technology during a time of crisis or conflict to achieve or promote specific objectives over a specific adversary or adversaries


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This is a serious handicap when we are confronted with adversaries, like Russia, that conduct information warfare that combines the technical and cognitive dimensions to manipulate perceptions through cyberspace.
Though information warfare is not new, cyber technology makes it cheaper, faster and more far-reaching, as well as more difficult to detect and more easily deniable.
During the pilot, a working group that leveraged IWTC Virginia Beach staff and IP officers from Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) and Naval Information Forces collaborated to ensure the course was meeting training objectives.
One example of the information warfare Russia is using against Ukraine is the direct and cynical engagement of children, the most vulnerable section of society.
Information warfare requires an infrastructure of broadcasting, social media, and other communication assets that can direct messages to the same audiences the Russians target, but do so more effectively.
In this age of information warfare, it is vitally important to have this type of capability in the hands of the military's senior leaders no matter where they are in the world, Wong said.
Raytheon's Enhanced High Band Subsystem-a key element of Compass Call's information warfare capability-increases the Air Force's ability to process information gathered from its adversaries.
This book is essential reading for anyone (like the reviewer) who needs to follow developments in information warfare but lacks more than yeoman's knowledge of information technology.
The Association of Old Crows and the US Navy Fleet Information Warfare Center will sponsor an Information Operations conference on September 25-26, 2002, at the Drexler Manor Conference Center, NAS Little Creek, Norfolk, VA.
Compass Call missions are flown primarily in support of tactical air operations but can also provide information warfare capabilities to soldiers and ships.
Information warfare is a subtle art, almost clandestine, and like many other weapons, is used as a tool of war, said Brig.
The San Francisco-based think tank/consulting firm's list includes a rather dire outlook on the serious security issues that could stem from economic information warfare perpetrated by rogue individuals and groups.
explore the impact of information warfare and the disruption and damage it can cause to governments, corporations and commercial web sites.
Economic Information Warfare CEIW -- Sophisticated attacks against entire economies, commerce and enterprises -- will accelerate as a global threat.
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