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system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization


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Yet by and large, physicians as a group have not yet embraced clinical information systems.
The integration of these two best of class information systems bridges the gap in the coordination of care between existing clinical information systems and physician offices where efficient management of care has the greatest impact.
Although the competitive information system is designed to help managers make better decisions, it competes with other demands of time and resources.
With our integrated and distributed information system, when our customers call about their orders, our employees will have access to updated information.
An information system should help a provider organization's staff think ahead by providing proactive cues to schedule health maintenance.
Imagine that you've just been appointed the executive responsible for information systems in your organization.
PatientKeeper's singular focus is delivering physician information systems that allow organizations, like SVMC, to provide the best tools to their physicians and the best care to the communities they serve.
This realization precipitated a complete and important modification of our clinical information system strategic plan.
0 percent, largely benefiting hospital information systems (HIS) markets in South Korea.
How can the customer information system (aka the clinical information system) be strategically focused for the patient (the S/O > 1 equation)?
The Single Information System will be piloted in three Children's Aid Societies with a total of 500 end users.
We needed an emergency department information system that not only had the ability to keep track of patients within the ED, but was also able to provide robust reporting.
ATLANTA -- A recent focus group conducted by Surgical Information Systems (SIS), the leading provider of total OR information systems (ORIS), revealed that O.
Surgical Information Systems, the leading provider of total perioperative information systems, announced today that Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will soon implement the company's technology throughout its 38 operating rooms.
Nasdaq:DCNT), a provider of integrated software solutions proven to directly drive business performance through learning, has announced a strategic value added reseller (VAR) agreement with Fuji Xerox Information Systems Co.
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