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an extensive electronic network (such as the internet) used for the rapid transfer of sound and video and graphics in digital form

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Some libraries are already offering "drivers' training" for the information superhighway. At Enoch Pratt Free Library, for example, at-risk youth ages nine to fourteen are given an eight-week training season that gives them the competence and the confidence to explore the Internet and the World Wide Web on their own (Mondowney, 1996).
The featured speaker, Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law professor and legal theorist, spoke on "With Liberty and Justice for All: Striving to Achieve Equity on the Information Superhighway." He reminisced about growing up without much money and about the world that libraries opened up for him.
Smart Valley: Using the Information Superhighway Today
But the real story is where industry is firmly united: against the two basic concepts that would ensure that the public, not a few huge info-conglomerates, can decide what will be on the information superhighway. The first, known as "common carriage," would require companies to serve everyone for the same price, preventing them from forcing folks they don't like off the roads by spiking prices.
Local governments must have a role in the construction of any new information superhighway, Scully told House members.
A major advertiser wouldn't pay someone on every street corner to hold up a poster when they can use a television, so why have a sales office supporting salespeople out in the field when you can use the commercial lanes on the information superhighway?
"Information Superhighway technologies are not toys for the `cyber-savvy' but are becoming essential to American business," says MCI's Tim Price.
They come from different beats, each covering an aspect of a common, unfolding story - that of the information superhighway. What was once only an elusive concept called "convergence" - the coming together of all forms of communication into a single electronically based, computer-driven system - is now a moving news target involving money, technology, law and regulation and something called "content." Along the way, people worry about its consequences, for themselves and society.
AN INCREDIBLE 1,800 inner city households are set to be linked to the information superhighway thanks to the new pounds 2.47 million Aston Pride IT scheme.
The reality, after a few years' experience, is that the information superhighway has a few very dark and very nasty lanes.
THEY used to call it the information superhighway, but internet property services are still moving at a snail's pace.
He invented the information superhighway which allows anyone with a computer and browser to use the Internet, and famously created it in his spare time and gave it away for free and insists he is an 'ordinary person'.
THE information superhighway has taken to the roads in North Wales.
"If you're in business right now and you're not tech savvy and you're not embracing all that technology has to offer you to be more productive, eventually you will find yourself roadkill on the information superhighway," says Smiley.
In fact, we have a pretty good example of what sort of Internet we would have gotten if Al Gore, or someone like him, had created an "information superhighway" on his own initiative.
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