information superhighway

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an extensive electronic network (such as the internet) used for the rapid transfer of sound and video and graphics in digital form

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The aim of Information Superhighway is to provide fast and safe lanes to transfer information to all associations and community sectors, including the government, the private sector and individuals.
The quantity of articles in major newspapers mentioning the information superhighway dropped sharply to just 1,314.
Some libraries are already offering "drivers' training" for the information superhighway.
Still, I'm in no hurry to get back on the information superhighway.
Far from dulling our cerebral cortices, if the information superhighway is at all like the interstate system, it will stimulate them all the more.
The proposal, "Equity on the Information Superhighway," was submitted by ALA president-elect Betty J.
But the real story is where industry is firmly united: against the two basic concepts that would ensure that the public, not a few huge info-conglomerates, can decide what will be on the information superhighway.
If you look at the literature of some of the organizations concerned with preserving the land, such as the Wilderness Society or the Sierra Club, you don't see the information superhighway listed as a threat.
Without access to the information superhighway, libraries become have-nots.
Technology/information: The discussion and recommendations in technology/information have dealt with the Information Superhighway and whether small business will have the same opportunities for access as larger firms.
A master of one liners--"We don't want to be roadkill on the information superhighway," Bornstein says--the executive is curt almost to the point of being confrontational.
More than 800 local government officials participated in the firstever nationwide interactive video teleconference on the role of local government on the information superhighway on Friday, Sept.
The Information Superhighway is like a high-speed elephant," Weis says.
They come from different beats, each covering an aspect of a common, unfolding story - that of the information superhighway.
Aranda, president of Latino Web, an Internet service company, was training parents at the Boys and Girls Club on Glenoaks Boulevard how to access the information superhighway so they in turn will educate other parents.
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