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The keynote speaker, Colombo University's director of National Institute of Library and Information Science, Dr Prasana Ranaweera, said participating in the conference was a great honour for him.
A major intellectual output of the EINFOSE project, a draft document containing recommendations for entry requirements and harmonization of learning outcomes in information science and LIS, was presented to the conference audience and opened for discussion by Polona Vilar (University of Ljubljana).
Discussing the promise of this venture, Cindy Hmelo-Silver, professor of learning science at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, commented: 'As a place for cross-disciplinary conversation between information sciences and the learning sciences, this journal is unique.
Other authors have done research in a generic way about Lotka's law in scientific production related in some way to the field of Information Science and Library Science.
Welcome to library and information science. Libraries were created centuries ago as archives of the state and to protect precious printed materials for the use of an elite class.
Formalized information science research practices should be made flexible in order to generate comprehensive information systems.
"Introductory Concepts in Information Science" is the second edition of Melanie J.
Before attempting to read it I browsed through, only to be further intimidated by terms such as "ranking algorithms" and "knowledge structure equation" and "equation of information science as K[S] + DI = K[S + DS]" where K is knowledge, S is structure, I is information and the symbol D is the change".
At the University of Illinois he introduced new approaches to education for information science expressed in a range of courses that were designed to prepare his students for a new kind of professional world that was in the making and to developments in which he was especially attuned.
Mike Thelwall, professor of Information Science at Wolverhampton University's School of Computing and Information Technology, will assess how internet humour differs across the globe.
A major funded study by Josie-Marie Griffiths and Donald King--one little known to RIM managers--is New Directions in Library and Information Science. In volume eight, competencies of RIM managers are identified at different levels (entry level, mid level, and senior level).
ATR's Media Information Science Research Laboratories' Senseweb could easily be mistaken for the Internet's equivalent of the Lava Lamp.
The funds are earmarked for construction of the $11 million, 45,000-square-foot facility to house the university's College of Business and Information Science. Tuskegee University's $60 million Legacy Campaign, which had already been kick-started with $16 million in contributions, officially launched on Feb.
Cambridge has acquired the entire Books in Print product line, including: Ulrich's Periodical Directory; Magazines for Libraries and Books in Print; a series of abstracts and indexes that will be published by CIG division Cambridge Scientific AbStracts (CSA), including British Humanities Index and Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA); 11 journals and newsletters, including Business Information Review, Journal of Information Science and Information Management Report; and related annual directories and Web sites.
Hathaway said the chair would be used to attract a faculty member who will hold an appointment in the newly created Donaghey College of Information Science and Systems Engineering and share expertise in the Management Information Systems Program in the College of Business Administration.
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