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Synonyms for informally

Synonyms for informally

without formality


with the use of colloquial expressions

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Of the 74 so far finalised, none has been substantiated, 15 were withdrawn and most others were dealt with informally.
McKenzie alleged Robinson informally agreed personal terms with Villa a week ago - before Leeds settled on a fee with the Midlands club.
Lawyers say the rush of litigation is truly dramatic for such a brief time, and that several hundred more cases are being informally mediated between dioceses and accusers.
Like other agencies of its kind, Claydon Heeley Jones Mason works informally, with teams able to shrink or expand according to the size of the account and relying on lively face to face encounters to spur creativity.
Sure, it's more convenient to handle informally with the exam team, but the claim shouldn't be that big of a deal.
NINE out of 10 bosses now offer their staff some form of flexible working but often only informally.
The IRS has informally confirmed that the notice was intended to address only those taxpayers that reported installment-sale transactions under Sec.
A regular on the gay and lesbian literary scene who has informally charted the number of lesbian and gay books coming out since the mid '80s (when he wrote about books for The Advocate), he points out that more titles are available now than ever before.
The principal author of these recent regulations unofficially and informally confirmed this view May 30.
Louis, during the spring of 1997 and the winter of 1998, made two-day visits to twelve universities in the United States, where he met informally with students, led master classes and classroom discussions, and gave lectures open to the entire academic community.
Their strategy is to create precisely defined, comparable time series across societies, and examine relatively informally the interconnection of the various aspects of "the new role of women" in each society; and then to use the longitudinal data to test more rigorously in each society a small set of hypotheses drawn, roughly, from Gary Becker's economic theory of the family.
Estrada of the Institute of Forest Investigations in Havana with finding the first of the new species, which they informally call the eleuth frog after its genus, Eleutherodactylus.
Another trouble area is when CPA and client informally discuss taxes pertaining to a potential investment.
To help employees adapt to change, Hudson, 48, relies on what she calls "walk-around" management, roaming factory floors and talking informally with the company's nearly 2,000 employees.
Soil extracted from various locations (Kuwait, Kenya, Greece, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Antarctica, etc.) was enshrined in laminated plastic sleeves informally attached to the wall and sprinkled in haphazard patches across the floor, transforming the gallery--a by now familiar site for disenfranchised political polemics--into a loose model for an ideal "world," as the dirt from one country was treaded on and mixed with the soils of other nations.