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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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The infomercial provides useful information on the steps to take to lower the risk of getting mouth cancer.
So campy were the infomercials that Saturday Night Live's send-up-featuring Chris Farley, in drag, as Lori Davis--didn't have to exaggerate that much.
It was an infomercial selling a time-tested method on how to get rich.
Infomercial warning camcording felons of the law against piracy.
The second infomercial relates to a mere advisory on film classification.
Wiegand says the film "is a worthy beginning in helping the rest of us get to know our Iranian-American neighbors, but it also leaves so much unexplored, you can't help wondering if the fact that it's essentially an infomercial, funded by Iranian-American individuals and foundations, may have blinded [producer Andrew] Goldberg from seeing the full potential of this story."
The first 30-minute production of the Think and Grow Rich infomercial relied on football legend Fran Tarkenton as spokesman, and the venture grossed $10 million., which recorded revenues of USD22m in the past 12 months currently uses print media and short-form infomercials for its marketing and customer acquisition purposes.
I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Network the other day, and of course I luck into an infomercial, and it's this thing called Timeless Secret.
Some marketers believe that the infomercial format benefited from the economic downturn.
Zoom TV is the brainchild of Cammarano, a veteran of the direct response infomercial industry, and his wife Tina.
But wait...there's more!; tighten your abs, make millions, and learn how the $100 billion infomercial industry sold us everything but the kitchen sink.
At first glance, this book might appear as superficial and as unnecessary as the products it covers, but it deserves a closer look, as the history Stern uncovers and his loving view of it all reveals more than just how the infomercial could thrive despite an increasingly skeptical public.
Most Americans also backed limits on how much candidates are allowed to spend, according to the poll, which came as front-runner Obama became the first presidential candidate in 16 years to air a 30-minute prime-time "infomercial" on US TV networks.