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a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary

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Since the end of her television days, Harris has returned to the private practice she had before entering the infomercial world and is living in Davie, Fla.
As the publisher of the "Greensheet," Jordan Whitney periodically publishes infomercial rankings, which are widely relied on by the public to determine the success of a product or an infomercial producer.
He and his partners Brady Caverly and Jeff Clifford are seasoned infomercial experts, well-versed in the nuances of how to pitch a product, how to turn it from a commodity into a must-have item.
Plus, the infomercial generates huge consumer brand awareness and demand at retail.
According to the National Infomercial Marketing Association, product sales through infomercials has doubled every year since 1984, with infomercials bringing in over $500 million worth of product sales in 1991 [Schlossberg 1992].
Via NIMA, they now have their own awards structure and infomercial producers had their own pavillion at NATPE where they gained further station converts.
The global outlook series on Infomercials provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings.
The Unbrakeable AutoLock(TM), a leading national automotive anti-theft device, took the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Conference by storm, winning both the Best Infomercial Producer and the Best Infomercial Production Under $150,000.
WGN, which is carried on cable systems nationally, scheduled five showings of the infomercial and accepted a check for the first payment in July.
An infomercial is one of the most useful tools to develop a message about the benefits of the technology, which people are mostly unfamiliar with," said Bassett.
As Bob Dole worked the West Coast and President Clinton paid calls along the Eastern seaboard, Ross Perot left the campaign trial Sunday to tape his election-eve infomercials at a Dallas television production studio.
Ironically according to Wikipedia, it is quite possible that the first modern infomercial series was launched in San Diego during the 1970s and was a one-hour television program every Sunday for the sale of homes.
Legendary Infomercial Producer Hired to Further Ensure Competitive Advantage
NEW YORK -- Housewares infomercials are in the news, with a new program being developed by Cesari Response Television (CRTV) for Salton/Maxim's Juiceman juice extractor, and the Jordan Whitney 1996 Annual Greenbook Review naming DeLonghi's Caffe Siena program Best Housewares Infomercial of 1996.
Tony Little, the hyperactive guy with the ponytail, the rock-hard stomach and an avalanche for a voice, recalled the first infomercial he ever unleashed.