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the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface

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The invasive glands show marked variation of sizes and shapes--from simple, tubular glands to either cystically dilated lumina (Figure 7, A through C), or markedly complex and branched glands with intralumenal papillary infoldings.
1) after the third decade, the infoldings tend to disappear, so that the outlines of follicles are more regular, whereas in the present study, infoldings gradually disappear during the beginning of 5th decade.
The luminal spaces of the VP glands are lined by a flat mucosa that presents the least amount of infolding relative to the other lobes, or some focal epithelial tufting.
Keywords: Daphnia magna, gill epithelium, membrane infoldings, mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum, dense tubules, multivesicular bodies, coated vesicles, cuticle, lysosomes
The glands in both these groups were dilated and varied in sizes and shape (Figure-3), changes like epithelial outpouchings and infoldings were also seen in a few cases (Figure-4).
The convoluted tubules of normal rats contained basement membranes mitochondria nuclei infoldings and lamina (Fig.
In group B the lumina of the uterine horns were slit like and mostly obliterated by the mucosal infoldings (Fig-4)
Recent POFs are amorphous and clearly show multiple infoldings of thecal and granulose cells Oocytes in the largest batch are 300-550 pm in diameter.
Developmental infoldings may result in defects that can provide a pathway for pulpal pathology.
5A), broadly exposed in dorsal view; dorsal rim broadly and shallowly emarginated along midline; infolding of dorsal rim broad, flat, about 2 times as long along midline as longitudinal diameter of posterior aperture, with broad and deep central impression around posterior aperture; lateral margin with a distinct tubercle at each side; infolding of ventral rim thick, its dorsal margin broadly convex; infoldings of dorsal and ventral rim with long, erect pilosity except central impression.
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) fills the spaces between the infoldings of the brain, the ventricular system in the brain, and the space surrounding the brain within the skull and is about 100 percent water.
Ultrastructural changes at this stage paralleled the biochemical findings in that the mitochondria were dramatically altered in size and shape and there was extensive loss of the basal plasma membrane infoldings together with complex cisternal proliferation in proximal tubular cells.
The hyperplastic follicular epithelium forms infoldings into the lumen of the follicle, producing a stellate outline.
12) reported that the atypical P-ANCAs also show multiple intranuclear fluorescent foci, which likely correspond to infoldings of the nuclear envelope.