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the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface

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12) reported that the atypical P-ANCAs also show multiple intranuclear fluorescent foci, which likely correspond to infoldings of the nuclear envelope.
The epithelium of the genital chamber consists of a monolayer of cells which are characterized by basal membrane infoldings associated with mitochondria, thus forming a typical basal labyrinth (Fig.
The apical plasma membrane facing the cuticular intima is thrown into narrow infoldings, thereby increasing the surface area (Fig.
The term "ruminate," derived from the Latin rumino (chew; Periasamy, 1962a) or based on a similarity with the teeth of ruminants (Corner, 1966), refers to an uneven endosperm surface that is often highly enlarged by ingrowths or infoldings of the surrounding tissue.
99-106) reported on the finding that a seven-week-old aborted embryo presented infoldings of the hemispheric neuroepithelium, cranioschisis, exencephaly and excessive vascularity with endothelial proliferation --in short, severe malformation of the brain.
But in cones, the light-sensing molecules are located on deep infoldings of the outer membrane--so a messenger chemical might not be required.
12) Other frequent cytologic characteristics of papillary carcinoma are nuclear pseudoinclusions, representing invaginations of the cytoplasm, and nuclear grooves, resulting from infoldings of a redundant nuclear membrane.
The lateral infoldings over the sclerotized rings in Carvalhomiris have an acute caudad process.
crista): infoldings of the inner mitochondrial membrane that form a series of crests or ridges.